Drink And Drive In Indore The girl took a lift in the car and started ruckus peeping out of the roof the police advised her

Publish Date: | Sun, 10 Oct 2021 11:16 AM (IST)

Indore, Naidunia Representative Drink And Drive In Indore. On Saturday night, the police launched a special campaign against those who created a ruckus by drinking and driving and driving. In this, more than a dozen vehicles have also been seized by the police. Now these vehicles will be available on payment of fine in the court.

The police conducted a special operation at major intersections on Saturday night. In this, drunken drivers were investigated. A young woman was making noise after coming out of the roof of the car at Vijay Nagar intersection. When the police saw it, the car was stopped. There was a person with him in the car. When the police checked the driver of the car, he was not under the influence of alcohol. When TI Vijay Nagar Tehzeeb Qazi talked to him, he came to know that he does not know the girl. The girl had asked him for a lift from Bhanwarkuan area. He was going to drop her to Nipania. The girl had come from a party drunk. The police gave advice to both of them. Asked not to create such ruckus.

Told the car rider not to give a lift to an unknown person like this. The police also made his challan. When the police were checking at Vijay Nagar intersection, a bike rider came out at a very high speed. He would have mounted the car on the feet of ASP Rajesh Raghuvanshi, who was checking. In time they left. The police made a challan for over speeding against the bike rider. He was also advised to drive carefully.

were dancing on the street

Four youths were dancing while parked the car on the road near C-21 in Vijay Nagar area. Songs were playing loudly in his car. On getting the information, the Vijay Nagar police reached and brought them to the police station. Police took preventive action against the four by confiscating their car.

The police apologized if caught

Police stopped a car at Kanadia Bypass. He was sitting with a family member. The car driver was drunk. They started pleading with the police to release them. The police advised him not to drive drunk in this way with the family. His car was confiscated and a challan was made.

do not drive intoxicated

SP Ashutosh Bagri said that driving under the influence of alcohol is very dangerous. By doing this you put yourself as well as the lives of others in danger. The youth should not drive under intoxication and should not create ruckus. If found in such a situation, the police will take action against them and seize the vehicle. More than a dozen vehicles have been confiscated by the police in the operation on Saturday night.

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