Drug smugglers attack car in Mexico, 3-year-old killed in shooting, parents injured Mexico suspected cartel gunmen killed 3 year old boy in firing parents injured

Drug smugglers attack car in Mexico, shooting kills 3-year-old, parents injured

Firing in Mexico – symbolic picture

Mexico Smugglers Killed 3 Year Old Child: Suspected drug traffickers opened fire on a car in the northern region of Mexico, killing a three-year-old and injuring his parents. Prosecutors in the border city of Sonora said the victim’s family was on their way to the city of Ciudad Obregón in their car when they were attacked (Firing in Mexico). However, the child’s father somehow took the car to the hospital, where doctors declared the child dead.

The attackers fled from the spot after firing (Violence in Mexico). “We are deeply saddened by drug traffickers taking the lives of children in this manner,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement. In Sonora, there are often cases of murder of civilians including violence between gangs (Crimes in Mexico). At the same time, this latest incident happened on Monday. In recent weeks, about five skeletons have also been found near a drug cartel camp. In which DNA test has been done on the remains.

What did the DNA test reveal?

DNA tests have revealed that five skeletons belonged to the Yaquis, an ethnic group that had been subjected to severe torture. Here seven men of this ethnic group went missing in mid-July. Five skeletons are believed to belong to him. While the skeletons of the other two people have not yet been found (Murders in Mexico). The public prosecutor’s office says that the murder of Yaquis leader Tom Rojo Valencia in May also seems to be linked to drug traffickers or such gangs. That is, smuggling groups can also be behind the leader’s murder.

common disappearance of people

The disappearance of people has become a common phenomenon in Mexico amid the rapidly increasing crime. Surprisingly, no trace of the missing people is ever found. A few months ago there was news that women here are running a search operation all over the country. These women are searching for the bodies of their lost relatives so that their last rites can be performed properly (Mexico Crime Rate 2021). But smugglers are also threatening them. Many women have even been murdered.

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