Drunken car with friends drove away at high speed, blew up vehicles uncontrollably, one killed, three injured | Drunken car drove away with friends at high speed, uncontrollable Audi blew up vehicles

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The scene after the accident on Chaupasni Road late on Thursday night.  - Dainik Bhaskar

The scene after the accident on Chaupasni Road late on Thursday night.

An 18-year-old youth, who was driving an Audi car at a reckless speed under the influence of a police officer’s father, blew up three vehicles late last night on Chaupasni Road under the influence of alcohol. One youth was killed in this accident, while three others were injured. CI Zulfikar Ali, who reached the spot soon after the late night incident, rescued his son Zaid Ali and his two friends from the angry people standing there and took them to the police station.

This horrific accident happened late Thursday night near Jeevan Jyoti Nursing Home on Chaupasni Road. Zaid Ali, the 18-year-old son of CI Zulfiqar Ali, who was famous in the corruption case, went out for a car demanding a car from a friend. After partying late night, along with his two friends Afroz and Archit Gandhi, he was coming towards the city from Chaupasni’s side. Witnesses say that the Audi car, which was coming at a very high speed, slammed very hard on a speed breaker built there. The driver lost control over it due to high speed. Also, after hitting the speed breaker at high speed, the airbags in the car opened. The lives of the people sitting inside were saved due to the opening of the airbags, but the uncontrollable car stopped at one place, blowing the people standing on the side of the road.

The uncontrollable car first tossed a cart standing near Yes PNB Bank. The handcartman Vinod Sindhi and Raju standing with him also got hit. Audi then hit the young man sitting on the Activa there. Activa got completely shattered in this collision. Sadaqat Ali’s son Sardar Ali, a resident of Suthla, was sitting on the Activa. Sadaqat died in the accident. Even after this the car did not stop. The car also hit a Bullet motorcycle parked there. Due to this, Farooq sitting on him got injured. There was a tremendous explosion due to the accident and the parts of cars, vehicles and handcarts were scattered all around. Hearing the explosion, people gathered there. All the injured were immediately sent to MDM Hospital. There the condition of one injured remains serious.

CI took the son to the police station

On receiving the information of the accident, CI Zulfikar reached the spot and rescued the son from the angry mob. All three were taken to the Housing Board police station. Pratap Nagar ACP Neeraj Sharma reached the spot and handled the matter. The three youths told the police that Afroz was driving the vehicle, but according to eyewitnesses, the CI’s son Zaid was driving the vehicle. The injured were taken to MDM Hospital. One is in critical condition. A crowd gathered here late in the night and demanded strict action. It is not yet clear whether all three were under the influence of alcohol. After the accident, a family member of the aggrieved injured caught a young man and beat him fiercely.

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