Earn Money: Start this business with 25 thousand rupees, there will be an income of lakhs and success will ring – Pearl farming can earn you lakhs of profit easily in just k investment

Earn Money from Pearl Farming: If you want to give flight to your career but don’t want to do 9-6 job in the corporate world then what are your options. Perhaps this question must be bothering you too. We will tell you that if you have land in the village then go to the village and do farming. Wait-wait, we are not suggesting traditional farming to you. Today many such things are being cultivated, which will not only fulfill your money needs, not only will your career take flight, but can also make you famous in the country and the world. One such option is pearl farming, yes you can earn millions (Earn Money from Pearl farming) by cultivating pearls.Also Read – Multi Bagger Stock: This year this stock gave more than 150 percent return to investors, know here- complete details

A starting price (Seed Money) is required to start any new industry or farming. Do not panic, you only need 25 to 35 thousand rupees to start pearl farming. By investing this much, you can earn up to three lakh rupees. The icing on the gold is that you do not need any technical knowledge for pearl cultivation. Another good thing is that the government also gives a subsidy of up to 50 percent for this farming. Then what’s the delay? Also Read – Weekly Stock Market Update 11 to 17 October: You can invest here this week, you will get benefit. watch video

Let us know how to do pearl farming and its business (how to start a business).

  1. First of all, what do you need for pearl farming? For this you will need a pond in your farm. Apart from this, oysters will also have to be bought and brought. If you already have a pond, then it is a good thing, otherwise you can get the pond dug at your own expense and later you can take 50 percent subsidy from the government for it.
  2. The pond is dug, the big question is from where will the oysters be found? Oysters are easily found in the southern states of India or in the coastal states. Apart from this, this cultivation is being done in many areas of Bihar, so oysters can be found in Bihar too. If you want, you can also buy oysters from fishermen.
  3. Although, technical know-how is not required for pearl cultivation, yet training is given for it in many institutes of the country. Training will help you earn more profit. You can take Training for Pearl Farming from Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh and Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra.
  4. So far everything is fine, how to start pearl farming? This question must be arising in your mind also. The oysters that you have bought will have to be kept in open water for two days. Due to exposure to sunlight and wind, the shell of the oyster and its muscles become loose. After this, a mold is inserted inside the oyster after surgery. When this mold is pricked, it leaves a substance coming out of itself on that mold.
  5. Maybe you don’t know, you can find pearls of your choice of design. You can get the pearl of your choice by putting a mold of the same shape in the oyster of the shape you want. Actually after some time this mold itself takes the form of pearl. There is a lot of demand for designer pearls in the market and its price is also higher than ordinary pearls.
  6. How much money will have to be invested in the beginning? Well, we have already given the answer to this question that you can start pearl farming by investing 25-35 thousand rupees. Two pearls come out of an oyster and the cost of each pearl is around 150 rupees. If your pearls are of good quality or you have cultivated designer pearls then you can also expect Rs 200 per pearl or more.

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