Everyone Was Shocked Seeing The Cars Running In The Movie Style

Sensation spread in the city on Wednesday evening due to the encounter between the police and the miscreants. At once people were shocked to see the car running from the Rong side at a speed of about 120 kilometers per hour through the congested areas of the city and the police in the private car chasing them. The sight started from Ratanada vegetable market at around 6.45 pm, whoever saw it for about eight-nine kilometers in the city, remembered the film scenes. Finally, after seeing another police car from the front, three miscreants running away from the car were caught by the police and the fourth wanted history sheeter Lovely Kandara was found injured in the car, who died on the way to the hospital.
According to the police, Lovely was wanted in two cases of murder. On the information that he was sitting in the car near Ratanada vegetable market, the Ratanada police station officer got out of his private car along with three constables. The jeep of the police station had gone for some other work. Sitting on the seat next to the driver, Lovely and his accomplices started running away on seeing the police.
Eyewitnesses said that the car was running in a filmy fashion. The police were following. A man was sitting near the window in the car, holding a pistol in his hand. Whoever saw this scene was stunned. Seeing the speeding cars, many people turned themselves to the side.
broken glass with sticks
The police also put a blockade to stop the miscreants riding the car. The miscreants kept driving away by breaking the blockade. The police attacked the glass of the car with batons, so that the driver could not stop if he could not see the road, but the car of the miscreants did not stop.
motorcycle hit
The car of the speeding miscreants also collided with a motor cycle near Ratanada Bhaskar intersection. Thankfully the bike driver narrowly escaped.
When the second shot was fired, the patience was broken.
Police say that the miscreants fired the first shot at the police near Green Gate in Ratanada. Then they started driving carelessly amidst the crowd. The motorcycle was also hit on the Banad road. The police also came close to the car near Digadi Fanta. Then the miscreants fired another bullet, which hit the car near the station officer. Then the police lost their patience and fired six rounds in defense.
Relatives and people of society reached the hospital
On the information of Lovely’s death, the family members and Valmiki community reached the hospital. There was a crowd. At night, the family members and the people of the society left for Udaymandir Harijan Basti. Seeing the situation of tension, additional teams of police and RAC were deployed in and around the hospital and in the house and locality of the deceased.
Twelve cases were registered, two were absconding
Lovely Kandara, a resident of Tilak Nagar Harijan Basti in Udayamandir, was a history-sheeter of Nagori Gate police station. He has 12 cases of attempt to murder, robbery, illegal weapons registered against him. His brother Montu Kandara is also a history sheeter. Both the brothers were absconding in the case of a fatal attack on a youth in Ram Mohalla. The Ratanada police station was also looking for Lovely in a murder case.
Police could have caught: Uncle
Lovely’s uncle, who reached the hospital, says that the nephew was shot for being a Dalit. He had no crime. To the police he would be a criminal, but the family does not consider him guilty. The police could have caught him by shooting him at the car. Society leader Chandraprakash Tyson says that Lovely was not a big criminal. Petty crimes go on and on. The police could have caught him alive if he wanted.
first encounter
This is the first case of the death of a miscreant in an encounter in Jodhpur. The police had caught the henchmen of 007 gang and an accused of firing at the toll naka by shooting him in the leg in response to the firing. At the same time, the youth, who ran indiscriminately in the restaurant in front of the Circuit House, was also caught by the police after shooting him in the Banad area.