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New Delhi, Arun Srivastava. Despite having enthusiasm and self-confidence, youth often face a dilemma in making the right decision about the right career and related studies for themselves. Senior Career Counselor Arun Srivastava is answering the questions of the youth to remove such dilemma and show the right path.

I have done 12th from CBSE board this year. My only aim is to clear UPSC. That’s why I chose arts. Please tell me which one should I choose in BA LLB and BA for this?

-Nishtha Pandey, by email

If you want to go ahead with plan B in career, then you should consider doing BA LLB. Yes, if you want to keep full focus on UPSC (Civil Services Examination), then you can choose BA. Also make sure that the streams and subjects are of your interest, so that your mind relaxes and you can perform better in it. As far as clearing UPSC is concerned, make your preparation the basis of your preparation with limited number of authentic study sources instead of gathering more study material and getting confused while pursuing your preparation in this direction. If you must have read the interviews of the top ranked candidates in last year’s final result sometime back, then it must have been noticed that almost everyone has taken the NCERT books (from VI to XII) as facts/assumptions. Most effective for understanding. As usual, most of the questions in the recently concluded Civil Services Preliminary Examination were also from these books.

-I am 17 years old. I am a student of class XII now. I am very much interested in sports. I prepare for 100 and 200 meters athletics. I want my country India to get gold medal in Olympics. My problem is that due to taking more antibiotics, I have got a disease called ulcerative colitis, which makes a person very vulnerable to intestinal infection. I can’t understand anything about my future now. What I do? Please guide me.

-Gulshan Singh, Azamgarh, by email

Don’t let your enthusiasm dampen you at all. First of all try to get your treatment in a big and good institution. Can appear in BHU or AIIMS. Apart from this, take help of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga. If you move forward in this direction while maintaining your morale, then it will help in maintaining your health. Once you have recovered completely, keep your routine and diet balanced and move forward towards achieving your goal with confidence.

I have done 12th this year. Please tell that to prepare for SI in UP Police should I do graduation regular or private? Please also tell me how to prepare and what should I study?

-Honey Singh, by email

If there is no particular problem in studying regularly, then you should do so. This maintains continuity in studies. With this, you can also continue preparing for SI by properly managing your time in the morning and evening. As far as the preparation is concerned, you should first try to understand the nature of the question asked with the help of this exam syllabus and previous few years question papers. After this, with the help of online authentic content and books available in the market, mock tests etc., you can further your preparation for the written examination. Along with the regular preparation for the written exam, prepare yourself for the physical test and physical efficiency test as well.

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