Feng Shui Tips For Career Growth By Expert In Hindi

In today’s hectic life, everyone is competing to make a career. Despite many efforts for career growth, many times you do not get the success you want. Even the COVID-19 pandemic has affected most businesses, hampering the growth of jobs and careers. In such different times, everyone is looking for some ways which can help him to make his career successful and save his job. One of the few such measures are the remedies of Feng Shui, which can be tried and taken career to a new dimension.

In fact, it may happen that you do not realize that many of the things that you do or do not do are affecting your career growth in some way or the other. Feng Shui talks about arranging your home in a way that affects you in a positive way resulting in positive energy. Not only this, with these remedies of Feng Shui, you can also take your deteriorating career to the heights. Come Sheetal Shaparia, Life Coach and Astrologer Learn about those measures from-

use of live plants

live plant on desk

Keep a small plant on your office desk or table that can be seen in front of your eyes at work. It will help to boost your energy, health, stamina and bring in positive vibes which will also help you to work better. Try to avoid using plants that have thorns like cactus or plants that have many flowers. For career growth, you can place live plants like money plants on your desk. Also avoid putting fake plants on the desk as these plants bring negative energy and vibes which can lower your mood and self-esteem.

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keep the crystal

To help you break up the stressful energy, place crystals like tourmaline and quartz on the right corner of your desk. This will keep evil energies and people away from you trying to deceive you. It attracts factors that benefit your work and career growth. But keep in mind that you clean your crystal daily so that negative energy does not come.

prepare manifest

mainifest prepare fengsui

The best way to manifest your career success is to create a vision board. Display pictures of people and things that indicate success to you and inspire you to move forward. Write some positive affirmation in it and display it on the board. Along with this, make sure that you keep your workplace and your desk neat and organized. Avoid spoiling it and clean it every day so that you can start the next day with a clear and calm mind. (Remove negativity from Feng Shui in the festive season)

Correct placement of your handy gadgets

Keep your computer or laptop on the left side of your table because the left side is of Green Dragon which brings prosperity to your work, the right side is of White Tiger which attracts more challenges at work. Organizing gadgets in this way can benefit your workplace and career growth.

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fengsui tips by sheetal

Listen to music

Always try to play soulful light music in the background to keep your mind calm throughout the day. A calm mind improves work productivity and helps you to think better and come forward with better output at work. In fact, it is very important to have a calm mind and good thinking for career growth.

frame your achievements

frame your achievements

Don’t store your degrees, certificates and achievements on a shelf. Instead, put forward those who make you feel successful at all times. Frame all your certificates and keep them around in your workplace. It will help you with motivation and will keep reminding you about all the achievements of your life which will also motivate you to move forward with positive energy.

With all the above mentioned measures of Feng Shui, you can achieve continuous success in life along with growth in career. So do try these remedies.

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