First the petrol was filled in the car, then the employee was also kidnapped. Viral happening this Video – Petrol pump ka video viral video google trends today trending video after filling petrol in car petrol station employee was also kidnapped by car rider video went viral

Petrol Pump Ka Video: A video of a petrol pump is becoming very viral in social media. Something like this is seen in the video that it is surprising to see and also laughs a lot. In a few seconds of the video going viral, it can be seen that a luxury car in black color reached the petrol station. Then a person got out of the car to get petrol and as said, the employee started filling petrol in the tank. It can be seen that during this time the person slowly approaches the pump employee and stands right behind him.Also Read – Dulhan Ka Video: The bride was so excited to see the groom, dropped the driver and ran the car herself. watch this video

It can be seen that in the meantime another person opened the back door of the car. It can be seen in the video that the employee still could not sense his intention and is standing there comfortably. At the same time, after the car’s tank was full, the employee turned off the lever and as soon as he reached the person sitting in the car to take the money, the person standing behind pushed him inwards. In the video going viral, it can be seen that the person who came in the luxury car, along with filling petrol, kidnapped the employee as well. Also Read – Bride Groom Video: The bride could not hide her happiness in marriage, then what she did in front of the groom would not stop laughing. This video going viral

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Netizens are also commenting fiercely on this video of kidnapping. One such user said – He took the employee who put petrol, because he had the cash of petrol for the day in his pocket. It was said in a comment – ​​why did it seem that the employee was mixed. One user said – got the tank full or not. It was said in a comment – ​​what is happening brother.