Gambhir used to sleep on the ground in the same room with Dhoni, Gautam himself revealed

New Delhi: At the last turn of his cricket career, even though Gautam Gambhir’s relationship with former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) was not that sweet, but there was a time when both these legends land in the same room. But they slept together. Gautam Gambhir himself has disclosed this in a show of Star Sports.

Gautam and Dhoni used to sleep in the same room

Gautam Gambhir spent days in the same room with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Gambhir had said in a Star Sports show, ‘We were roommates for more than a month and we used to talk only about hair, because then Dhoni used to have long hair. How he handles this hair, similar things used to happen.

Gambhir himself revealed

Gautam Gambhir said, ‘We remember the days we slept on the ground, because the room was very small and the first week we were thinking how to make this room bigger.’ Gautam Gambhir said, ‘We put the bed out of the room and we started sleeping with the mattress on the ground. Those were good days because we were both young at that time.

Dhoni very lucky captain

Gambhir believes that Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been a very lucky captain as he has got an amazing team in every format. Former India opener Gautam Gambhir said that former fast bowler Zaheer Khan is behind Dhoni’s success as captain. Gautam Gambhir said, ‘Zaheer Khan is the reason behind Dhoni becoming such a successful captain in Test cricket. It was his luck to get Zaheer Khan Dhoni, for which the credit goes to Ganguly. According to me, Zaheer has been India’s best world-class fast bowler.

2011 World Cup was very easy for Dhoni

Gautam Gambhir said, ‘The 2011 World Cup was very easy for Dhoni, because we had players like Sachin, Sehwag, myself, Yuvraj, Yusuf and Virat. That’s why he got the best team whereas Ganguly had to work hard for it and because of which Dhoni won so many trophies.