Gang members including 3 stolen bikes arrested, police will search for gang’s connections related to Nepal-Sitamarhi

PATNA: Patna Police has arrested 4 members of the bike theft gang from the capital Patna along with three stolen bikes. The vicious ones who stole the vehicles have been arrested by the team of Secretariat ASP Kamini Mishra and Shastri Nagar Thanedar Ramshankar Singh. This action is being considered very important in view of the festivals.

For this, the police team conducted tremendous raids in its surrounding areas including Rajiv Nagar and Patel Nagar. The arrested criminals include Shubham, Govind, Akash and Riyaz. Among them, a vicious relative works in IGIMS and he was living with him in Patna. While Govind lives in Patel Nagar. The remaining two criminals were also living in Patna. It may be noted that for some time, a rise in the incidents of bike theft was registered in the congested areas including the posh areas of the city. In this context, this action will crack down on them.

During the interrogation of the four accused, the police have got some important clues, in which their connection to Sitamarhi and Nepal has been revealed. Now the police has started connecting this link. According to the information received at the moment, the strings of this gang are related to Nepal and many more big revelations are being expected in the interrogation.