Gariaband Jashpur Accident; Speeding Matador Rammed Into Two Bikes And Bolero | Matador entered the dance program, hit many vehicles; People saved their lives by running here and there

Gariaband5 hours ago

Teak wood was also kept in the matador.

An accident like Jashpur was averted in Chhattisgarh’s Gariaband on Saturday morning. Here a teak-filled matador hit 2 bikes, pickup and bolero simultaneously. It was a matter of relief that in time the people present there saw Matador. People left from there. The car also stopped after the collision. Due to this a major accident has been averted. The forest department has also expressed apprehension of teak smuggling in this case. The accident took place in Nagaldehi village of Devbhog in the district.

On Friday, on the occasion of Dussehra, villagers organized a Dhumra competition in Nagaldehi village. Dhumra is a traditional dance form of Odisha. The area of ​​Devbhog is also bordering Odisha. The program was going on starting from the night when a Matador entered the village from the side of Udanti Wildlife Sanctuary area at 4 am on Saturday.

The program was so crowded that people were watching the competition sitting on the road itself. During this, suddenly Metodar had reached near the crowd hitting several vehicles at once, so that the crowd saw him. The crowd made a noise on seeing it. Due to which people somehow got sidelined from the road. At the same time, the same crowd somehow stopped Matador. On seeing the crowd, the driver of the matador has run away.

The driver has fled leaving the matador.

The driver has fled leaving the matador.

It was a matter of relief in this case that no person was with bike, pickup and Bolero at the time of that accident. Due to which no one was injured. The villagers told that by the time we had our eyes on that car, he had trampled many vehicles.

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At the same time, by the time the villagers stopped the matador and saw, the driver had run away. The rear of the Matador was covered with plastic. When the villagers removed the plastic, they were also stunned. The villagers saw that teak wood was kept in the matador. After this people informed about this to Devbhog Police and Forest Department. After getting the information, the forest department team reached the spot and seized the matador.

Dhumra Competition

Dhumra Competition

According to the Devbhog Forest Department, 25 pieces of teak wood have been seized from Matador, which is worth more than three lakhs. Devbhog Ranger Nagraj Mandavi suspects that teak was being smuggled to Odisha from the Udanti Wildlife Sanctuary area. At present, the Forest Department has started the search for the absconding driver by registering a Panchnama in the case. Matador is also from Odisha.

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