Global Hunger Index 2021 India Ranking Down What Government Of India Said On It

Global Hunger Index 2021: India has been ranked 101st out of 116 countries in the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2021, while in 2020 India was ranked 94th out of 107 countries. In the ranking of 2021, India is behind its neighboring countries Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. After releasing the ranking, it was said by the Government of India that it is shocking that India’s rank in the Global Hunger Index has decreased further. The government has termed the methodology used for ranking as unscientific.

Reacting sharply to the report, the Ministry of Women and Child Development said, “It is shocking that the Global Hunger Report 2021 has lowered India’s rank based on FAO’s estimate on the proportion of the malnourished population, based on ground reality and facts. and is found to be plagued with serious methodological issues. The publishing agencies of this report, Concern Worldwide and Welt Hungerhilfe, have not done due diligence before releasing the report.”

The ministry claimed, “The methodology used by the FAO is unscientific. They based their assessment on the results of a four-question opinion poll, which was conducted by Gallup over the telephone. There is no scientific method to measure undernutrition. Scientific measurement of undernutrition requires measurements of weight and height, whereas the method included here is based on a Gallup poll of the population as a whole based on telephone estimates.”

The ministry said, “The report completely ignores the massive efforts of the government to ensure food security of the entire population during the COVID-19 period on which verifiable data is available.” Not whether the respondent received any food aid from the government or other sources. Surprisingly, the FAO report The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2021 noted that the other four in the region Countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka have not been affected at all by the loss of jobs or businesses and reduction in income levels due to the pandemic.

“These countries were able to improve their position on the proportion indicator of undernourished population by 4.3 per cent, 3.3 per cent, 1.3 per cent and 0.8 percentage points respectively during the period 2018-20 as compared to 2017-19,” the ministry said.

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