Glowing car ready to hit the roads

Agra, Jagran Correspondent. There is tremendous excitement about buying a car on Vijayadashami. The situation is that the showroom operators will be able to deliver the car on Vijayadashami only to those customers who have booked about 5-6 months in advance. It is difficult for customers without booking to get a new car. Car stock is likely to run out at almost all car showrooms. New stock will come for delivery of car on Dhanteras. On Dhanteras also, the same customers will get the car, who have made their booking long back.

People are very excited about buying a car on Navami and Vijayadashami. In both these days, customers have booked days in advance to take their dream car home. Showroom operators also have limited stock. There is a high demand for small cars. There is a lot of craze about SUVs. Budget class SUVs have also been booked heavily. There is a lot of enthusiasm among people about buying a car on Vijayadashami. We will be able to provide cars only to those customers who have already booked.

Ashutosh Bansal, Managing Director, Kia Automobiles is expected to deliver around 400 cars on Navami and Vijayadashami. There is a lot of excitement in the car market. However, without booking, the delivery of the car will not be available on Vijayadashami.

Mayank Basal, Managing Director, Arvind Tata also heats up the mobile phone market

There is also a lot of enthusiasm among people about getting a new mobile phone on Vijayadashami. Some people are changing their old mobile phone to get a new model phone, while some needy are desperate to get their favorite phone. For this, mobile phone vendors of Shah Market have already ordered stock of new mobile phones. market is also ready

Markets can also swell on Friday for shopping on Vijayadashami. The market has also been fully prepared for this. Special decorations have also been done on showrooms like Garment, Electronics, Car, Bike etc. There are 17 car showrooms in different companies city

250 cars expected to be delivered on Vijayadashami

150 cars have been delivered on the ninth

Bikes are also ready for sale The bike market is also completely ready on Vijayadashami. Great sales are expected. Many people have already booked their favorite bike. On Vijayadashami, he will only take delivery. Some bike sellers are also offering attractive offers to their customers. Shopping of jewelery for Sahalag People have also started shopping for jewelery for Sahalag. A lot of jewelery is expected to be sold on the auspicious time of Vijayadashami. Nitesh Aggarwal, president of Agra Bullion Association, says that this time 25 percent increase is expected as compared to last year.

Edited By: Jagran