Going to buy a new car? Do pay attention to these 5 points or else you may have to repent after taking them! Car Buying Guide: Know How to choose a perfect vehicle for yourself – Buying a new vehicle? Do pay attention to these 5 points or else you may have to repent after taking them!

Car insurance is also a big factor in this regard. If you are getting it cheaper from outside (than the dealer), then take it from there.

Never be in a hurry to buy a new car. There are a few fine things that should always be taken into account before choosing and buying a car. Otherwise, you may regret after bringing him home that you had not even thought of such a thing. Let us know the important points related to the choice of car:

Company: Whose car is it?… This question should also arise in your mind before taking a car. There are many companies in the Indian market like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Kia, Nissan, Honda, Toyota and Renault, in which Maruti is the largest car selling company. In the matter of the company, ask your friends, acquaintances and people around you and some experts, who own or drive cars of different companies. You will get a rough idea of ​​which company’s vehicle is good and which is weak.

Utility: After choosing a firm, you have to understand the real utility of that vehicle. Meaning for what reason are you taking it and for what most will use it. In fact, vehicles also come in many segments, which include small vehicles, hatchbacks, MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles – used for multiple purposes), sedans, compact SUVs, mid SUVs and SUVs (sports utility vehicles) etc.

which one is better for whom?
Hatchback: For a family of four to five.
MPV: There is a family of seven people then.
Sedan: For people carrying luggage.
SUV: For adventure enthusiasts. It will be great for driving on rough roads.

Price Range: Further it also matters what is your budget and how much you can spend on the car. Here you will also have to keep one more thing in mind that after buying the car, according to what the expenses will be in it. like servicing etc. If you take on a loan, then you will have to pay interest on it.

Average: Since, in today’s era, the price of oil is touching the sky. In this context, it becomes an even bigger issue for most of the people that after all “how much mileage does the car give?” By the way, the average of diesel and CNG is higher than that of petrol vehicles. However, the maintenance of diesel vehicles is more than the petrol ones, so many people do not consider it wise to buy them (diesel ones).