Google says in ransomware India is on 6th place: alarm bells! Google’s disclosure will move the ground under its feet, India is at number six out of 140 countries – google report says in ransomware india is 6 most affected country in list of 140 countries

A Google report says that India is at number six in the list of 140 countries facing ransomware problems. Google has reached this conclusion after analyzing more than 80 million ransomware samples in the past year and a half, the report said. More than 80 million ransomware samples were collected from 140 countries for this analysis.

These countries are the most affected

According to this report the countries most affected by ransomware problem are Israel, South Korea, Vietnam, China, Singapore, India, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Iran and UK. Israel had submitted the highest number of ransomware samples, which is 600 times more than the minimum number of cases.

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VirusTotal has done this analysis for Google. VirusTotal, launched in 2004, was acquired by Google in September 2012. Then in January 2018, VirusTotal went under the control of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cyber security company Chronicle Security.

This VirusTotal report helps security practitioners, researchers and general public around the world understand the true nature of these ransomware attacks. This report helps cyber professionals to thoroughly analyze suspicious files, domains, URLs and IP addresses. Giving this information, Vicente Diaz of VirusTotal told about the first ransomware activity report.

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Diaz said that ransomware activities had increased tremendously in the first two quarters of the year 2020, but then they decreased completely after that. Around 130 different ransom groups were active in the first 6 months of 2020 and 2021. The activities of at least 100 of these ransom groups never stop.

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Hackers now not only demand money but have also started threatening to leak sensitive and important information in case of non-payment or if legal action is taken. Hackers use different methods for ransom attacks. These malware attackers use botnet malware or other Remote Access Trojans (RATs) for ransom attacks.

In most of the cases, new ransomware samples are being used for the attack. Israel has been the target of the most ransomware activities and such activities reported by Israel were 600 times more than at the bottomline.

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India is also constantly on the target of ransomware activities and India is ranked sixth in the list of 140 countries, which is a matter of concern. The report said that there has not been any kind of ransomware attack on Google Chrome OS cloud.