Gujarat, Gas Cylinder, Vadodara, CID Crime

Gujarat, gas cylinder, vadodara, CID crime

Ahmedabad/Vadodara. CID Crime has busted a gang stealing gas from Cidlander by raiding in Vadodara city. Five accused have been arrested. Two accused including the main gangster are absconding. Items worth Rs 7.41 lakh including 111 cylinders have been seized.
The arrested accused include Shailesh Rajput, Pankaj Parmar, Amit Thapa, Jayesh alias Sonu Surve, Ganesh Mali. While the main gangsters Nilesh alias Gafoori Kahar and Rakesh Machi are absconding.
CID Crime had received information that delivery boy tempo driver Nilesh, who delivered the cylinder at home, takes out the gas from the cylinder before taking it to the homes.
They take a tempo full of cylinders to Nilesh’s house or godown and then take out some gas from it. Based on the information, the CID crime team kept an eye on such suspicious delivery vehicles. In which some Harni were found extracting gas from the cylinder at the house of Ganesh Mali located in Gayatri Vashat on Warasiya Road. Due to which five cylinders filled and empty from Nilesh Kahar’s house and warehouse, gas transfer regulator, weight fork were recovered after raiding there. Apart from this, 111 cylinders were recovered from vehicles parked near the spot. A total of Rs 7.41 lakh has been recovered including the cost of cylinders and vehicles.