Gumla Crime news Co Operative Bank employee killed in broad daylight love affair is reason nodmk3

Crime News: A bank employee was murdered in broad daylight in Gumla.  (signal picture)

Crime News: A bank employee was murdered in broad daylight in Gumla. (signal picture)

Murder in Gumla: In Gumla district, an employee of a cooperative bank was stabbed to death. Unknown criminals carried out the murder in broad daylight. There is an atmosphere of panic around this incident.

Rupesh Kumar Bhagat

Gumla. At this time big news is coming out from Gumla district of Jharkhand. Here some unknown criminals murdered a bank employee with a knife in broad daylight. This case of murder is of Prem Nagar of Chainpur police station area. It is said that unidentified criminals killed Nityanand Mahato, an employee of the Co-operative Bank (Dumri), by stabbing him to death. According to the information, this murder was carried out allegedly due to a love affair. There is an atmosphere of panic in the area due to this murder in broad daylight. Nityanand Mahto lived in a rented house in Premnagar, Chainpur. Nityananda was originally a resident of Tigaval Dadtoli in Chainpur. He got a compassionate job in a cooperative bank a few years back.

A few days ago, a retired soldier was murdered in broad daylight in Gumal itself. The massacre was carried out in Deepnagar residential area of ​​Sadar police station area of ​​Gumla city. The deceased was identified as Jayman Ekka. This murder was also carried out by unknown criminals. Sensation has spread in the area due to the murder of a retired jawan in broad daylight.

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After the information about the murder of the retired soldier, the local police reached the spot and started investigation into the matter. Sensation was spread in the entire area due to the incident of murder by slitting his throat in broad daylight. After getting the information about the murder, police station in-charge Manoj Kumar reached the spot with the force and started the investigation of the case. However, the reason for the murder is yet to be revealed. The deceased Jayman Ekka was on his way towards Sisai Road to fetch gas from his house when he was attacked and killed.

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