Gwalior Bhind Crime News Youth shot near Peace College in Mehgaon four people accused of shooting

Publish Date: | Mon, 11 Oct 2021 02:22 PM (IST)

Gwalior / Bhind Crime News: Abbas Ahmed, Bhind, New Dunia. A youth has been shot near Peace College on Gwalior-Bhind National Highway 719 in Mehgaon. The youth says that the four accused, who came from two bikes, shot him with a pistol. The bullet is lodged in the left side of the stomach. The police was looking for the injured youth in connection with the theft of Rs 18 lakh from Baba’s ashram. Baba had suspected his grandson of stealing Rs 18 lakh. Police are treating the shooting as suspicious.

Late on Sunday night, Ravi Katare resident of Virgawan village was rushed to Mehgaon Hospital by ambulance in an injured condition due to bullet injury in the left side of the stomach. The doctor called the police and started treatment. Ravi told the police that he lives on Bhind Lahar Road. On Sunday, he was going to a relative’s house in Mehgaon. Forgot the relative’s house and went to Peace College. The four accused came from two bikes near the college from Gwalior. Ravi says that two of the accused are his uncle’s sons. They have an old enmity. The four accused surrounded him and shot him with a pistol. The accused fled after shooting. Neighbors called and called an ambulance. Ravi reached Mehgaon for treatment by ambulance.

Police not believing Ravi’s story: In fact, about a week ago, Vasudev Katare, a resident of Virgawan village, had reached Mehgaon police station. He told the police that Rs 18 lakh was kept in the ashram of the temple in the village. His money was stolen in the night. Vasudev Katare had raised doubts on his grandson Ravi Katare. Ravi was staying with them till ten days ago. Angered over something, he drove Ravi away. Police was looking for Ravi for interrogation in this incident. Ravi was found by the police, but was found in an injured condition. So the police is not completely believing his story of being shot.

FSL team started investigation: FSL team has started investigation after the story of bullet injured Ravi Katare. The team has got Ravi’s hands washed. Its investigation will make it clear that Ravi himself did not shoot the bullet. Apart from this, the police is also investigating from many other angles. Mehgaon TI DBS Tomar says that the incident looks suspicious. They are probing the whole incident.

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