Gwalior Crime News 3 year old girl came to throw garbage by holding her mothers finger Municipal Corporation vehicle crushed child dead

Updated: | Sat, 16 Oct 2021 02:23 PM (IST)

Gwalior Crime News: Jagendra Sen, Gwalior New Dunia. A three-year-old girl died on the spot after being crushed by a municipal garbage vehicle around 10:30 am on Saturday in front of the Gangwal Bhawan gate, located behind Kailash Talkies. The wheel of the driving seat has come out from the top of the child, then the rear wheel. The driver ran away with the car after picking up the girl and placing it in the mother’s lap. The girl’s neck was hanging in the mother’s lap. The entire incident of the girl being crushed by the garbage cart was clearly captured in the CCTV camera installed in front. Inderganj police station reached the spot as soon as the incident was reported. The police have informed the corporation officials to confiscate the vehicle of the Municipal Corporation.

There is a multi near the gate of Gangwal Bhawan. Around 11 o’clock on Saturday morning, the municipal vehicle came to collect the door to door garbage. The driver and his assistant parked the car in front of the multi. Multi people started coming to dump the garbage. On the ground floor of this multi, the wife of resident Ashu Agarwal came to throw garbage in the car. Three-year-old Kamya also came holding his finger. Mother put garbage in the car. No one knew when a three-year-old innocent driving came in front of the site and came under the wheel of the car.

The girl was taken to the hospital by bike: The girl’s body had become lifeless as both the wheels of the car had passed away. In a hurry, the bike was taken out of the parking lot from the multi. The mother sat behind the child. First of all, the family members took the girl to the Shanta Nursing Home located in Patankar Bazar. After seeing the pulse, the doctor advised to take him straight to JAH. The family members reached the casualty with the child. Where the parents of the girl lost hope as soon as the doctor declared the girl dead. Ashu Aggarwal has two daughters, in which a daughter is five years old, she was in the house. Only this girl had come with the mother to throw the garbage.

The scene of the car coming over the girl was captured in the CCTV camera: There is a CCTV camera in the bungalow in front of the multi. The entire incident has been captured in the CCTV camera. People of the area were throwing garbage in the garbage cart. The helper of the car was helping people in dumping the garbage. The driver came to the driving seat from the other side. First he took out the bottle and drank water, and then sat on the driving seat. Suddenly a three-year-old girl appears near the wheel of the driving seat. On starting, the girl gets hit by the bumper as soon as the driver advances the car, she falls on the road. After the first wheel comes out, the second wheel also passes over it. This event is only 15 to 20 seconds. The driver stops the car ahead. Picks up the child on the road, and hands it to the mother’s lap. Seeing the condition of the child, the mother’s senses fly away. There is shouting on the spot. A young man brings the bike out of the parking lot and takes a dupatta from the neighbor and runs on the bike to the hospital. People say that the girl died on the spot. The name of the driver has been given as Sajid Khan. This car belongs to Ward-65. Inderganj police station has started investigation into the accident.

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