Gwalior Crime News Brought grandfather to the clinic then went missing later the body was found behind the breakfast shop

Publish Date: | Fri, 15 Oct 2021 02:17 PM (IST)

Gwalior Crime News: Gwalior, New Dunia representative. The body of a youth, who had disappeared from Simaria under suspicious circumstances 24 hours ago, was found lying behind the breakfast dump on Thursday afternoon. The young man has also had breakfast at Gumthi. The deceased had brought his grandfather to get him checked up. He had disappeared after sitting at the doctor’s clinic. The family and the police were looking for the young man. The Ghatigaon police station has established a case. Police is investigating the youth to find out the reason behind the incident. The family members are suspecting murder.

Mouch resident Rohit’s son Shyam Kishore had brought his grandfather to see the doctor on Wednesday afternoon when his health deteriorated. When there was a crowd, the young man made his grandfather sit and went away indicating to come in a while. His

After that the young man did not return. First the family members searched for Rohit, after not knowing anything about him, the relatives informed the Ghatigaon police station about the disappearance of the young man. The family members and the police were troubled by the same question that where did the young man go after making Dada sit with the doctor.

Had breakfast at the shop too: The body of the missing youth was found on Thursday afternoon behind the breakfast dump in Simaria itself. The person from Gumthi told the police that the youth had also had breakfast. It became clear that the young man had gone to have breakfast leaving his grandfather at the doctor’s place when he was hungry. What happened to the young man after that? This question remains a puzzle for the police. Police say that post-mortem has also been conducted to find out the cause of death of the youth. The police is investigating to solve the mystery of the youth’s death.

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