Gwalior Crime News: Police brutally beat up two minors in Chirula police station, asked for water and gave them urine, the matter was opened and they were blown away

Publish Date: | Wed, 13 Oct 2021 09:59 AM (IST)

Gwalior Crime News: Gwalior, New Dunia representative. Two minors accused of robbery were brutally beaten up in Datia’s Chirula police station, when they asked for water, they were given urine. The condition has become that there are no minors left to walk. This pain came from the mouth of those minors when they were brought from Datia to the Children’s Observation Home in Gwalior. When relatives came to visit, they were stunned to see the condition of their children. This matter was exposed and there was a stir in the government department. The Women and Child Development Department apprised the Superintendent of Police about this brutality of Datia police in this matter and through the Child Welfare Committee, both the children were given medical treatment on Monday. At the same time, Gwalior Superintendent of Police Amit Sanghi has also written a letter to Datia Superintendent of Police Aman Singh Rathod for necessary action in this matter. In this case, Naidu also spoke to the elder brother of a minor on mobile, who told the story of police atrocities on his brother.

If this is the case, then this exercise:

Child Welfare Committee: In this case, the Child Welfare Committee went to the Children’s Observation Home and took the statements of both the minors and they told that they were brutally beaten up at the Chirula police station. Child Welfare Committee member Sumant Sharma told Naiduniya that the minor has told the incident, investigation is being done.

Medical Examination: The police had brought medical from Datia, but it was not the right medical. Here two days ago, the Child Welfare Committee and the Women and Child Development Department again got the minors medical done, now the report is awaited.

Letter to Gwalior Superintendent of Police: The Women and Child Development Department wrote a letter to the Gwalior Police to take action on the suffering of these children.

Letter to Datia Superintendent of Police: Gwalior Superintendent of Police has written a letter to Datia Superintendent of Police for necessary action in this matter.

The police did this Rajphash: Chirula police station had disclosed the arrest of three accused including two minors and accused Puneet Parashar in the case of robbery and kidnapping along with Mahesh Yadav and his wife. Superintendent of Police Aman Singh Rathod himself gave this information. IG Chambal announced a reward of 30 thousand rupees to Chirula police station in-charge Shashank Shukla and his team. There was also a screw in this disclosure that what the complainant was doing on the Sune highway and the vehicle was told to be recovered from Unnao from the accused. There is no previous record of the accused minors.

When my brother asked for water, gave him urine. Among the accused, the elder brother of a minor told Naiduniya on mobile that his brother and another minor are friends. The father sets up the egg cart. There is no record beforehand, even then the police took it away from the house and kept this incident. He was brutally beaten up on the same day he was caught at Chirula police station and when he asked for water, he made him drink urine. He told that on Thursday, when he had gone to the Children’s Observation Home to meet the minor, then this whole incident came to the fore. Brother and his friend are unable to walk. Chirula police station staff ASI Manoj Batham, driver Kailash and other policemen hit a lot.


There are incidents of assault on minors in police stations, which are rarely exposed. In the case of Chirula police station, the minors told that they were brutally assaulted and inhuman act was done. Statements have been taken and medical has been done. Report is coming.

Sumant Sharma, Member, Child Welfare Committee


I will be able to tell you the details of writing a letter in this matter properly on Wednesday. It is possible that the reader has signed this letter and sent it to Datia district.

Amit Sanghi, Superintendent of Police Gwalior


Many letters come in a day, the letter has not come to the notice yet. If this has happened in the police station, then investigation will be done and action will be taken on the basis of the evidence.

Aman Singh Rathod, Superintendent of Police, Datia


The crime of minors was beyond their mentality, the allegations are made. The assault has not come to my knowledge.

Shashank Shukla, station in-charge Chirula police station


Two minors who came from Datia have narrated their pain. The matter is being looked into, the police have also been informed.

Rajeev Singh, District Program Officer, Women and Child Development

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