Gwalior Crime News The driver was wearing earphones people kept shouting and he crushed the innocent

Publish Date: | Sat, 16 Oct 2021 09:48 PM (IST)

– Parents said – we do not need any help, just such action should be taken that now no innocent and other lives should be returned, financial help should be returned

Gwalior Crime News: Gwalior (Naiduniya representative). Locals are outraged after seeing the video of two-year-old innocent Kamya being crushed. The anger of relatives and people erupted on Additional Commissioner Atibal Singh Yadav, who arrived at the house of the deceased with a cover of financial help. The bewildered parents said – we do not need any financial help. We just want strict action should be taken against the driver. Drivers drive garbage vehicles while listening to songs with earphones on. The driver who crushed our baby girl was also wearing earphones. We kept shouting but she did not listen and the car took Kamya’s life. Our only demand is that such action should be taken so that no mother’s lap is destroyed now. The Additional Commissioner told him that he was giving this help personally. The parents of the deceased refused to take financial help.

My daughter walking back and forth after waking up

Ashish Aggarwal, the father of the deceased, does minor work of silver jewelery along with exchange of torn notes. Wife Neha is a housewife. The Agarwal couple has two daughters. After being crushed by both the wheels, the driver lifted Kamya from the road and handed it over to mother Neha’s lap. Neha has become unconscious due to the death of innocent Kamya. He says that after waking up in the morning, Kamya used to roam in front of me throughout the day. She was the darling of the whole family. Remembering Kamya again and again, Neha kept crying and said, I did not know when the daughter reached in front of the car. The father is also in a bad condition.

Case registered against driver

The police handed over the dead body of the innocent to the relatives after conducting a medical examination. As soon as the body of the girl reached home, there was screaming. The mother was yearning to hold the child by her lap. Inderganj police station has registered a case against Sajid, the driver of the municipal corporation on the report of Ashish’s son Pradeep Gupta.

Municipal Commissioner said – service will be terminated if you drive with earphones

Municipal Commissioner Kishor Kanyal says, in the initial investigation of the officers, two things have come to the fore. The first driver was with earphones in his ear and the assistant should have been under the vehicle, he was sitting inside the vehicle. Both the services have been terminated. Also, an order has been issued that if a driver is seen driving a vehicle with earphones on, his services will be terminated immediately. The driver of the accident was an employee of Eco Green Company. He has a driving license and insurance on it.

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