Gwalior Crime News Two sides clashed over old enmity cross case registered

Publish Date: | Thu, 14 Oct 2021 05:48 PM (IST)

Gwalior Crime News: Gwalior.Naiduniya Rep. Two sides clashed over old enmity and sticks and sticks went between them fiercely. The incident is of Shatabdipuram of Maharajpura police station area. On coming to know about the incident, the police reached the spot and after investigation, registered a case and sent the injured for treatment. Kushendra Bhadauria, a resident of Shatabdipuram in Maharajpura police station area, lives. Sandeep’s son Ashok Sharma lives in his neighbourhood. There is an old rivalry going on in both the families. Last day both the families came face to face and there was a fierce fight between them. On coming to know about the incident, the police reached the spot and registered a cross case by sending the injured for treatment.

The mobile was robbed by swooping from the woman

As soon as the mobile train of a female passenger traveling in the Gondwana Express reached Agra station, the miscreant snatched it and ran away. Niharika Panjwani, wife of Jabalpur resident Harish Panjwani, aged 45 years, was boarding sleeper coach S-2 of Gondwana Express to go from Nizamuddin to Jabalpur every day. When the train reached Agra Cantt railway station, the miscreant of Niharika, who was talking on the mobile inside the coach, snatched it by swooping down the window of the coach. The female passenger shouted for help. But before the people standing on the platform could understand the matter, the train had left for Gwalior after stopping for two minutes at Agra station. The woman complained about the matter to coach TT.

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