Gwalior hydraulic car parking News Corporation commissioner held meeting with company officials to start hydraulic car parking

Publish Date: | Sun, 10 Oct 2021 07:15 AM (IST)

Gwalior hydraulic car parking News: Gwalior.Naiduniya Rep. To start the hydraulic car parking near Rajiv Plaza and Girraj Mandir, Municipal Commissioner Kishore Kanyal held a meeting with the officials of the manufacturing company. During this, he asked the company officials to start hydraulic car parking. Along with this, the Municipal Corporation is also preparing to give these two car parking contracts on contract.

In order to ease the traffic in the city, the Municipal Corporation had made multi-label hydraulic parking at two places. In this 42 cars can be parked at Rajiv Plaza and 34 near Girraj Mandir. But after construction, both these parkings were not maintained. Also, due to not paying attention to it, their machinery got damaged. Due to this the parking has been closed for a long time. There is parking on the lower floor only. Due to this, on Friday, Municipal Commissioner Kishore Kanyal called the officials of RR Parcon Company, which built both these parkings and asked them to fix both the parkings. Along with this, they are also planning to give these parking on contract.

People are upset: People are upset due to bad parking. Because it is very difficult to keep four wheelers. Because if vehicles are parked on the road, then the Municipal Corporation and the traffic police pick up these vehicles. In such a situation, people have to get the vehicle released only after depositing the challan.

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