Gwalior / Mathura Crime News: The miscreants sitting as a ride robbed the canter, took a mobile worth seven crores, the driver was beaten up and chased in Sheapur

Publish Date: | Fri, 15 Oct 2021 01:10 PM (IST)

Gwalior / Mathura Crime News: Gwalior, New Dunia Rep. Two miscreants sitting as a passenger took the driver hostage and robbed a canter full of mobile worth about seven crore rupees. After beating the driver, the miscreants threw him near Somarsa Sheopur in Madhya Pradesh. Later, the miscreants emptied the canter and left it there. The incident happened on October 5. On Friday, the manager of the company has lodged a report at the Farah (Mathura) police station.

Oppo company manager Sachin Manav has said in the report that the driver, Munish Yadav, a resident of Manikpur village in Farrukhabad district, had left for Bangalore from Greater Noida at 7 am on October 5 with a canter full of mobile. From Gwalior bypass of Farah police station area, two miscreants sat in the canter as a ride. After crossing the Babina (Jhansi) toll at around 10 o’clock on the night of October 5, the miscreants put a sheet on the driver Munish and hit him with a gun on his head. The driver was taken hostage and thrown in Somarsa district Sheopur village of Manpur police station area of ​​Madhya Pradesh and fled with a canter. Sachin Manav told that there were 8990 mobiles of Reality and Oppo company in the canter. The rogues left the empty canter in Somarsa area and fled after taking off the mobile. The canter is currently in the possession of Manpur police. Due to the origin of the incident from Farah police station, the report was not registered in Manpur. On Friday, on Sachin’s Tahrir, the police filed a robbery report. SSI Satyaveer Singh of Farah police station said that investigation is going on.

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