Gwalior petrol Diesel Price News Diesel and petrol prices have no effect the desire for a car increased in the state read why this is happening

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Gwalior petrol Diesel Price News: Gwalior. New Zealand Representative. The prices of diesel and petrol are touching the sky, even after this, the desire for the car (four wheeler) has not diminished among the people. More cars have been sold this year than in the year 2019, 2020. Compared to 2020, 30 thousand more cars have been sold in 2021. This sale is showing a boom in the automobile sector of the state. The Transport Department is also getting revenue from this. Rising fuel prices have not affected the sales of four wheelers. The people of Indore are at the forefront of buying a car among the four metropolitan cities of the state. The lowest sale is in Jabalpur. Bhopal is at number two and Gwalior is at third. The Transport Department is expecting an increase in the sales of cars in the coming days. By Diwali, the maximum buying is to be done in this sector. On the other hand, the desire for the bike has decreased a bit. Compared to 2019 and 2020, the purchase of two-wheelers has been less, but the department is expecting that the number of two-wheeler purchases may increase till Diwali.

Three thousand cars sold in 12 days in the state

The Pitru Paksha was over on 6 October. Navratri started from 7th October. Between October 1 and October 12, there has been a good sale of four wheelers. Registration of 13 thousand 13 four wheelers has been done in the state. Of these 12 days, six days were of Pitru Paksha and five days of Navratri. The 12 days of October in 2021 have been good for the sale of four wheelers as compared to 2019 and 2020.

17 thousand 706 two wheelers have been registered in 12 days. There has been a decline of five thousand in two wheelers this year as compared to 2019 and 2020.

At present, there is long waiting on some models of four wheelers. People are not able to get vehicles easily. Models of two companies are not available even after waiting for six months.

Car sales status in the state

old four wheeler two wheeler passenger goods carrier

2021 103274 686795 8038 20802

2020 72689 758249 14768 22111

2019 97770 950900 25734 35625

(The figures are from January 1 to October 12.)

Car sales status in four metros


metropolis car two wheeler

Indore 24590 51616

Bhopal 18405 37006

Gwalior 12028 27928

Jabalpur 8461 31626



metropolis car two wheeler

Indore 15648 48918

Bhopal 11696 38180

Gwalior 10269 28689

Jabalpur 5976 31839


metropolis car two wheeler

Indore 21800 89416

Bhopal 17059 61184

Gwalior 6495 36373

Jabalpur 6967 43377

(This figure is from January 1 to October 12.)

Fuel Price in Gwalior

Petrol per liter – Rs 112.84

Diesel per liter – Rs 102.14

they say

There has been an increase in the sales of four wheelers as compared to last year. The festival season is going on. Vehicle sales are likely to increase till Diwali.

Arvind Saxena, Additional Commissioner, Transport

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