Gwalior Railway Crime News Women passenger’s purse and mobile stolen from Chhattisgarh Express

Publish Date: | Fri, 08 Oct 2021 05:59 PM (IST)

Gwalior Railway Crime News: Gwalior.Naiduniya Rep. Vicious thieves, who arrived in the sleeper coach of Chhattisgarh Express with the intention of committing the theft, stole the mobile and purse kept on the seat after seeing the woman sleeping. On the complaint of the female passenger, GRP Gwalior has started a search by registering a case against unknown thieves. According to the information received from GRP, Mandla Madhya Pradesh resident Shrutilal Dambade had boarded the sleeper coach S-1 seat of Chhattisgarh Express from Godia to Gwalior. The female passenger fell asleep after the train left Jhansi. Meanwhile, the vicious thief who arrived in the coach, seeing the woman sleeping, stole the mobile and bag kept on the seat after getting a chance. The woman came to know about the theft of mobile and bag before the train reached Gwalior station. The woman who got off the train went straight to the GRP police station. The GRP has started the search by registering a case of theft on the complaint of the female passenger.

RPF caught illegal vendor selling petha in train

On the information of TT to the illegal vendor who was illegally selling petha to passengers in Gondwana Express last night, the RPF caught the house by train. Thirty kilos of petha was seized from the caught vendor and a case was registered against him under the Railway Act and sent to the lock-up. According to information received from RPF, the TT of Gondwana Express coming from Agra to Gwalior had informed the control that an illegal vendor in the sleeper coach was selling petha to the passengers. After getting information from the control, when the train reached Gwalior, the RPF jawans laid siege to the coach told by the coach TT and caught Bunty Sharma, a resident of Gola Ka Mandir and took him off the train to the police station. RPF registered a case against illegal vendor Bunty Sharma under Section 144 of the Railway Act and seized the goods and sent them to lock-up. Keep in mind that Bunty has been caught illegally selling food items in trains in the past.

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