How to be protected from cyber crime Aligarh Police is raising awareness

Aligarh, Jagran Correspondent. Do help your loved ones, but some caution is also necessary. Do not cheat on you in the name of some vicious help. Such cases of cyber fraud have started increasing across the district. In such a situation, the police has started an awareness campaign to save the people from this fraud. Cyber ​​cell is making people aware through various mediums including internet media. An advisory has also been issued for this. Most of the people become victims of cyber vicious simply because they do not have knowledge related to internet and cybercrime and are not even alert about it.

lack of awareness and knowledge

Police is making aware to avoid crime by giving information about cyber fraud on internet media and its side effects, use of internet related services etc. For this, along with using various platforms of internet media, the police is working on putting up hoarding boards, sign boards and distributing pamphlets at police stations and public places in the city and countryside.

Police Tips: What To Take Precautions

  • Do not reveal your ATM card number and its CVV number to anyone
  • Do not take anyone’s help while using an ATM machine and only accept anyone’s help
  • – Do not share the OTP number received on the mobile phone with anyone
  • Do not click on unwanted links coming on computer and mobile
  • – Do not transact any amount without your knowledge while buying and selling online
  • – Do not befriend anyone unfamiliar on the Internet media platform
  • – Don’t make advance payment while buying or selling anything on OLX
  • – Do not reply to any e-mail related to lottery and prizes
  • – Do not do online transactions at the behest of any stranger
  • – Never accept phone pe, google pay, paytm, online gateway, request money payment
  • – Do not download any app or application on the phone at the behest of anyone
  • – Do not share the password of your ATM, e-mail, internet media accounts with anyone
  • – Do not use internet banking in cyber cafes

complain here

In case of a victim of cyber fraud in any way, one can complain online on the website of RBI or on the official website of Cyber ​​Crime of Government of India. You can get help by contacting your nearest police station or cyber cell.

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The police is continuously running an awareness campaign among the people to prevent cyber fraud. Only through awareness can the incidents of such frauds be reduced. Cyber ​​cell is investigating the network of such vicious people. Many cyber thugs have been caught and sent to jail.

Kalanidhi Naithani, SSP