Hydrogen-Powered Toyota Mirai Sets Guinness World Record know all details here

Toyota Mirai sets Guinness World Record: Mirai car of Japanese automaker Toyota has made a big achievement in its name. Toyota’s Mirai car has entered the Guinness World Records for the longest distance covered by hydrogen fuel. Toyota’s hydrogen-powered Mirai covered 1360 kilometers on a single, five-minute filling during a roundtrip tour of Southern California.

The car covered such a long distance in the presence of hypermiler, Wayne Gerdes and co-pilot Bob Winger. Guinness World Records also did the work of monitoring this entire trip. This Toyota car runs on hydrogen fuel. This hydrogen-powered car stunned everyone by covering a distance of 1360 km on a single five-minute charge. However, it took two full days to do this work.

Company shared information on social media

This two-day drive was started on 23 August from TTC (Toyota Technical Center) in Gardena, California. On the first day, this car traveled 761 km and on the second day it traveled 600 km. During this the Mirai consumed a total of 5.65 kg of hydrogen and logged an impressive 152 MPG with water as its only emission. The company expressed happiness while sharing this information on its official Twitter handle. Although Toyota did this feat some time ago, but these days the discussions about this car are intensified on social media.

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Bob Carter said this about the car

Bob Carter, Executive Vice President, Toyota Motor North America, also expressed his happiness over the achievement. Carter said that in 2016, the Toyota Mirai was made available for sale in North America. This fuel cell was the first electric product to be put on sale there. Good response is coming out from the customers regarding this car. He said that we are proud to have used this exciting technology in our car.