ICC has announced drinks break during the T20 World Cup matches like strategic time out in IPL

On the lines of IPL, the ICC has announced a strategic time-out break during the upcoming T20 World Cup. Know how its rules will be?


IPL strategic time out &nbsp


  • There will now be a special break in the T20 World Cup on the lines of IPL
  • ICC has announced this
  • There will be a break in the middle of both the innings, the head coach will be allowed to come on the field and talk to the players.

Dubai: IPL 2021 has reached its final stage. After this, the eyes of the cricket lovers of the whole world have been fixed on the T20 World Cup starting from October 17. Due to the Corona crisis, this time the World Cup is being organized in Oman and UAE to host India.

In such a situation, the impression of IPL will also be seen in many forms this time in the T20 World Cup. The IPL started in 2008 only after the stupendous success of the Indian team in the 2007 T20 World Cup. Inspired by the commercial success of IPL, T20 leagues started to be organized on the same lines in many other countries of the world and cricket touched new heights of success.

Static time out will be like a break
In such a situation, now inspired by the IPL and other T20 leagues like this, the ICC has announced to give a drinks break during the match in the upcoming World Cup. This break will be of 2.30 minutes and will be like the strategic time out of IPL. The break will take place in the middle of both the innings i.e. usually after 10 overs. During the break, the head coach of the team will be allowed on the field to have strategic discussions with the players. But if for any reason 14 or fewer overs are to be bowled in an innings in a match, then the drinks break will not be given.

head coach will be allowed to go to the field
After this new change, the role of the head coach who sits with the team in the dug-out will definitely become more important. The tips given by him during the match can prove to be instrumental in changing the course of the match. Generally, it has been seen in IPL that after a strategic time out, the teams make many strategic changes, whose effect is visible on the match. Usually players lose their momentum during breaks and teams get a chance to capitalize on it.

Broadcaster benefits from strategic time out
The broadcaster has the advantage of a strategic time out or drinks break of 2.30 minutes. During this, he earns Rs 3 to 4 crores from the advertisements shown. In such a situation, the ICC also wants to earn through this medium and surely it must have been implemented for this reason.

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