ICC made a big change in T20 World Cup, captains’ headache will increase, umpires’ mess will be exposed! | ICC okays DRS use in 2021 Men’s T20 World Cup UAE Oman

ICC made a big change in T20 World Cup, captains' headache will increase, umpires' mess will be exposed!

The use of DRS in the T20 World Cup will greatly increase the responsibility of the captain.

The Decision Review System will be used for the first time in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. The ICC has approved about it. The T20 World Cup is to be played in UAE and Oman and will start from October 17. For the tournament, the ICC has given the conditions related to the game. Under this, for the first time there will be DRS in this tournament. According to each innings, each team will get two reviews. The ICC had said in June 2020 that each team would get an additional review in each innings during the T20 World Cup. This was done in view of the presence of less experienced umpires due to Corona. After this, two reviews are given to each team in an innings in T20 and ODI and three reviews in Test.

The ICC has also taken steps to deal with the problem of delay or disruption of the match due to rain. Under this, the number of minimum overs has been increased. In the T20 World Cup, each team needs to bat at least five overs to get the result of the match in the group stage. Only then will the Duckworth-Lewis system decide. Right now the same formula works in T20 cricket. But in the World Cup, the minimum number of overs for semi-finals and final matches has been increased. In these matches, the result of the match will be declared only after both the teams have played at least 10 overs. The same method was adopted during the Women’s T20 World Cup last year. Then it rained in the semi-final match between India and England.

Men’s T20 World Cup is being held after 5 years

Men’s T20 World Cup is happening after almost five years. Earlier this tournament was played in India in 2016. Then DRS was not used in International T20 cricket. Because of this, there was no DRS in the T20 World Cup as well. DRS was introduced in the first T20 tournament of ICC from 2018. Then in the Women’s T20 World Cup held in the West Indies, one review was available for each innings. Then the same thing happened in the 2020 Women’s World Cup.

DRS was introduced in cricket to reduce the lapses in the decisions of the umpires. Since 2017 it is being used in all major ICC tournaments. Under this, the umpire can take help from the third umpire regarding any decision, then the players can challenge any decision of the on-field umpire.

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