India China Border Dispute: China Gave War Threatened To India, Know In Details Ann

India China Border Dispute: China’s official mouthpiece Global Times has threatened India with war on the statement from the Indian Army after the 13th round of India-China meeting was inconclusive. Global Times has written in its editorial that New Delhi should hear one thing clearly that India will not get the border as it wants. If he wants to fight, he will surely lose. China bypasses any kind of political maneuvering and pressure. Global Times also wrote that India wants to take advantage of the sour relations between China and America, but will not be able to succeed.

Let us tell you that the 13th round of meeting to end the tension on the LAC adjoining Eastern Ladakh is inconclusive. In such a situation, the standoff between India and China on the LAC may increase in the coming time. On Monday, about 12 hours after the meeting, the Indian Army issued a statement blaming the Chinese Army for the situation in the LAC, while the Chinese Army has outright rejected India’s demands.

On Sunday, the 13th round of meeting between the military commanders of India and China lasted eight and a half hours to end the tension on the LAC adjacent to eastern Ladakh. But from the statements issued by the armies of both the countries after the meeting, it has become clear that the standoff between India and China will continue.

The Indian Army issued an official statement saying that during the meeting, discussions were held to end the tension in the ‘rest areas’ of the LAC. In the meeting, India clearly said that such situations in the LAC have arisen due to ‘one-sided action’ (infiltration) on the part of China, which is in violation of the agreement between the two countries. Therefore, China should take such steps (to retreat) so that peace can be restored along the LAC. But this proposal was not accepted by the Chinese delegation. Hence the meeting remained ‘inconclusive’.

According to the information, during the meeting, India had offered to end the tension in the ‘rest areas’ of the LAC adjoining eastern Ladakh like Hot-Spring, Demchok and Depsang Plain. But China refused to accept these demands of India. A spokesman for the Western Theater Command of China’s PLA Army issued a statement after the meeting, saying India stuck to “unreasonable and unrealistic” demands, adding “difficulties” to the talks.

Western Theater Command spokesman, Colonel Long Shua said in a threatening manner that India should “preserve” the talks and consensus reached so far rather than “mis-assessing” the situation in the LAC.

Let us tell you that during the ongoing tension for the last 17 months since Sunday’s meeting, 12 rounds of meetings have been held. During this, there has been disengagement in the Finger area of ​​the Line of Actual Control (LAC), Kailash Hill Range and Gogra areas, but tension is still going on in Hot Spring, Demchok and Depsang Plains. That is, after Finger Area, Kailash Hill Range and Gogra, China is no longer in the mood for disengagement in any other area.

The Indian Army clearly said in its statement that the restoration of peace on the LAC is in line with the recent meeting between the foreign ministers of the two countries in Dushanbe. Because during that time it was agreed to resolve the ‘rest issues’ soon. According to the statement, the Indian Army constantly tried to resolve the “remaining issues” through positive steps in the meeting, but the Chinese delegation did not agree to it. The Indian Army clearly said that no proposal has come from China to resolve the dispute.

However, in its statement, the Indian Army definitely expressed the hope that keeping in mind the bilateral relations with India, China will take necessary steps towards resolving the remaining issues soon. Also said that both the countries have agreed to maintain ‘stability’ on the LAC and mutual dialogue.

On Sunday’s meeting, the commander of the 14th Corps (Fire and Fury Corps) based in Leh, Lt Gen PG K Menon participated from the Indian side. While the commander of the Southern Xinjiang Military District represented the meeting from the Chinese side.

This meeting took place at a time when China had released objectionable pictures related to the violence of Galvan Valley that happened 16 months ago. Earlier, there was a report of a standoff between the soldiers of India and China in Arunachal Pradesh. During this, the Indian Army took some soldiers of the PLA army of China hostage. However, after the flag meeting of the two countries, these soldiers were released after a few hours and the standoff was over.

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