india china standoff: indian army vs chinese army

Amidst the ongoing dispute between India and China on the LAC, no solution seems to be found even after several rounds of talks. The 13th round of military talks with India and China took place on Sunday amid the ongoing tension in eastern Ladakh. After this conversation which lasted for about 8 and a half hours, no solution appeared to be found, while China has come down on this whole issue on a ruckus.

China is shocked

In an article published in the Global Times, China has said that India will never get the border the way it wants. It has also been said from China that if there is a war with India, it will be defeated. After reading this article, the anger of China can be easily understood. The spokesman of the Western Command of the Chinese Army has said that India should not miscalculate the situation and follow the agreed-upon.

America’s entry made by China

When it was made clear by India that it would not step back, after that China was completely shocked. From China to the US has been mentioned. It has been written in the article that India wants to take advantage of the strained relations between America and China. At the same time, it has also been said from China that India will continue to drag the border dispute for a long time. The way China has used a threatening tone and it has been said that wrong guessing should be avoided. In fact, it fits China that it should avoid making wrong guesses and should not forget that India is no longer 62.

China has not yet recovered from the attack of Galvan

The Chinese army, who was killed by the Indian Army in the military clash on 15 June 2020 in Galvan, still remembers that night. China has once again descended on the jackass. During this skirmish, China was badly killed by the brave soldiers of India. The injury is such that after the violent clash in Galwan, the morale of the Chinese soldiers is still low. The whole world also saw that the Chinese government first hid the death figures of the soldiers and later exposed.

The strength of the Indian Air Force has increased manifold

India has built several airstrips on the border with China in the recent past, from where these fighter jets can take off easily. Amidst the tension with China in Ladakh, the Indian Air Force practiced to fire in the sky with its deadliest Rafale fighter jet. Not only this, for the first time, the Air Force has shared the picture of the Scalp cruise missiles called Brahmastra of Rafale with the world. The Scalp cruise missile is capable of destroying the enemy up to a distance of about 500 km. For this reason it is called a war map-changing missile. Indian Air Force aircraft can destroy enemy bases as soon as they enter Chinese territory. It can easily destroy any large and highly secure enemy base through missile.

Difficult to beat India in high altitude areas

A recent study by a new US Security Center in Washington has said that the Indian Army is adept at fighting in high altitude areas. The Chinese army doesn’t even get close to it. On the other hand, China fought a month-long war in 1979 in response to Vietnam’s military intervention in Cambodia. It is believed that the Chinese army fled after seeing its defeat near. The more experienced Vietnamese soldiers overpowered China and inflicted heavy losses on them as a result of fighting the US Army. China’s military numbers can also be misleading. There is also a big mistake in the number of its army that China tells.

Many countries can come in support of India

China should understand that if a war-like situation arises, many countries can come in support of India against it. America, Britain, France and Australia are the countries that can support India. At present, China’s relations with many of these countries have deteriorated significantly. At the time of Corona, a different image of China has been created in front of the world. Most of the countries are looking at China with suspicion at this time. At the same time, not only India but also the neighboring countries of China, others are also troubled by its attitude. If there is any snowfall from China this time, then it is sure to get a strong answer.

Military strength has increased manifold, India is no longer 62


India is always targeted by its side regarding the fight of 62 between China. Although he also knows very well that India is no longer the country it used to be. Over the years, India’s military might has increased manifold. India is no longer short of arms and a road to reach the border. Many missiles and state-of-the-art fighter jets have joined the Indian fleet. Which is also known to China at this time.