india military exercise: UK Carrier Strike Group led by HMS Queen Elizabeth enters Bay of Bengal for first tri-Service exercise with India

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London/New Delhi
In the midst of increasing tension with China, most of the countries of the world are engaged in conducting exercises with India. The British Carrier Strike Group has moved closer to India as the second phase of the Malabar naval exercise is over. The group includes Britain’s HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, as well as several submarines and warships. On the other hand, Indian Army personnel have reached Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson located in Alaska, USA to take part in ‘Maneuver Exercise 2021’. A few days ago, a contingent of the Indian Army returned with Russia by participating in the Army-2021 exercise.

Why is this exercise special with Britain
This is the second time in the last three months that the British Carrier Strike Group has reached the Bay of Bengal with its largest warship HMS Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth also conducted maneuvers with warships and submarines of the Indian Navy in July. But, this time there is going to be a tri-services exercise between India and Britain. In this, the three wings of the armies of both the countries, Army, Air Force and Navy will participate. India does this type of maneuver only with America and Russia.
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British High Commission tweeted information
The British High Commission in India said the Carrier Strike Group will take part in the highest-level exercise between the two countries, with all three wings of the armed forces participating. The deployment is a demonstration of Britain’s commitment to deepening its diplomatic, economic and security-based ties in the Indo-Pacific region. India is critical to ensuring a free, open, inclusive and prosperous Indo-Pacific region. British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis said India is an essential partner of the UK in the Indo-Pacific region and the Carrier Strike Group’s visit marks the deepening of the bilateral defense and security partnership.

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Malabar naval exercise ended today
The second phase of the Malabar naval exercise, which began on October 12, ended today. The Indian Navy along with Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF), Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and United States Navy (USN) displayed combat skills in this exercise. INS Rannvijay, INS Satpura, Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft P8I and a submarine participated from the Indian Navy. The US Navy aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson arrived with two destroyers USS Lake Champlain and USS Stockdale.

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Exercise 2021 also started today
Exercise 2021 has started from today at Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson in Alaska, USA. 350 jawans of an infantry battalion of the Indian Army are participating in this exercise, which will continue till October 29. Yudh Abhyas is the largest joint military training and defense cooperation between India and the US. This is the 17th edition of the exercise, which is conducted one year in the US and the other in India. The previous edition was held in February 2021 at the Mahajan Field Firing Range in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

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HMS Queen Elizabeth How Powerful
The Striker group consists of two squadrons of F-35B Lightning fighter jets, numbering 36. This fighter aircraft is equipped with stealth technology. It is counted among the deadliest fighter planes in the world. Apart from this, 14 helicopters are also deployed to locate enemy submarines in the sea. It also includes Heavy Transport Helicopter Chinook, Attack Helicopter Apache. The HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier can carry over 65 aircraft at a time. It has a total of nine decks below the flight deck. In which fighter aircraft, helicopters and other weapons are kept. There are two lifts in the aircraft carrier to bring these ships to the flight deck.

It is impossible to avoid the enemy from its hi-tech radar
Weighing 65 thousand tons, this aircraft carrier is 280 meters long. Despite being so heavy, this aircraft carrier can run at a speed of 59 kilometers per hour. HMS Queen Elizabeth can be manned by 1,600 sailors, including 250 commandos. It is fitted with BE’s S1850M Long Range Radar, which can detect enemy ships from a distance of 400 km. It is fitted with the Type 997 Artisan radar for medium range, which can track 900 targets at a time up to a distance of 200 km. Not only this, this 3D radar can also detect targets the size of a bird or tennis ball flying at a speed of 3 Mach.