india vs pakistan in t20 world cup match bcci president sourav ganguly reveals plan | Big statement of legend regarding Indo-Pak match in T20 World Cup, Ganguly also gave opinion

New Delhi: Former Indian team captain Sourav Ganguly said on Saturday that no sports team in the world gets the kind of support that the Indian cricket team gets. Ganguly was speaking at an online conference organized by Games24Intu7 on the fantasy platform My11Circle to kick-start the campaign ahead of the ICC T20 World Cup. Ganguly is the brand ambassador of My11 circle.

cricket religion in india
Ganguly said in the online conference, if cricket is a religion in India, then fans are the biggest devotees. His constant support and the enthusiasm with which he follows his team and favorite cricketers has been the most important factor in portraying cricket as a national passion that unites our nation. He said, “As a player and captain of the Indian team, I can tell that the kind of support the Indian cricket team gets is unprecedented for any sporting team around the world.”

This legend said about the Indo-Pak match
Former Indian team all-rounder Ajit Agarkar believes that whenever India and Pakistan teams face off in the World Cup, the stakes are always high. He also said that the Pakistan team may not be able to present a challenge of that level considering the form and strategy of the Indian team.

Told which team is stronger
Agarkar said, whenever the teams of India and Pakistan face each other, the stakes are always high. But looking at the current form of Team India, I don’t think Pakistan will be able to present much of a challenge. However, we don’t have to take them lightly as cricket is a fun game and things change at any moment, especially in the T20 format.

On the 2007 T20 World Cup where India defeated Pakistan in the final, he said, “The entire tournament of the 2007 T20 World Cup was a tour of our dreams. We didn’t think that this youth team can achieve the feat that too against Pakistan. I think a match between India and Pakistan always brings a tidal wave of emotions and it is one of the most anticipated matches in the World Cup.

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