Indian scientist made pearls from sea oyster cells through ‘cell culture’

(Rajesh Abhay)

New Delhi, Oct 17 (PTI) Independent Indian scientist Dr. Ajay Kumar Sonkar has stunned the world with his new research in pearl production. Scientists from Andaman and Nicobar have opened new doors of possibilities in the research of ’tissue culture’ by successfully developing the technique of producing pearls in glass flask through ‘cell culture’. Earlier, Sonkar had achieved great achievements by making the world’s largest black diamond and developing a diamond shaped like Lord Ganesha.

Sonkar says his new research could transform the global pearl culture industry.

The process and results of his research have been published in the latest issue of the international scientific research journal Aquaculture Europe.

Dr. Sonkar told PTI-Bhasha, “The results of this research have proved that by changing the epigenetic (living) of any organism, not only rare results can be achieved, but also rare results can be achieved. can also be avoided.”

The meaning of genetic disorders is that if someone is likely to get a disease due to genetic reasons, then that possible disease can be avoided by improving the quality of life.

In the beginning of the year-2020, he separated the organ responsible for making pearls ‘mantle’ from his body by performing surgery in ‘Pinktada margaratifera’ oyster, which produces black pearls from his laboratory in Andaman. He then brought that ‘mental tissue’ to his ‘Cell Biology’ laboratory in Prayagraj, about 2,000 km from the Andaman sea, by creating a special biological environment in the flask. The special thing in this was that this whole process took about 72 hours, during which the ‘mental tissue’ remained alive and healthy despite being separated from the body. This in itself is an important part of technology.

The ‘mantle’ was then transferred to the laboratory’s special biological culture environment. They reported that the first success was achieved when cells were cultured in culture flasks. After that such special nutrients were discovered by which the natural properties of the cells were awakened. Thus the pearl, which grew in the womb of an oyster living in the sea, took birth in a culture flask thousands of km away from the sea.

This technology not only has the potential to completely change the way pearl production is done in the world, but it is also opening new avenues of possibilities in the field of ultra modern science like tissue culture.

Sonkar not only created the world’s most precious pearl, but also developed a technique to completely control the mortality rate of oysters during pearl production.

He says that the life and character of the oyster gives him inspiration and strength. He said, “When an oyster takes its food from the sea water, in the process it cleans the sea water and creates a favorable environment for all the creatures of the sea and when any foreign particle causes pain in its body. Then he makes her a gem (pearl).”