Indore crime news Goons and son attacked as soon as they left the police station relatives took the injured to the DIGs bungalow

Publish Date: | Tue, 12 Oct 2021 07:49 PM (IST)

Indore, Naidunia Representative, Indore crime news. As soon as the SP of Eastern Region Ashutosh Bagri came out of the Khajrana police station after warning the beat people, there was an incident of knife pelting in the area. Raju Maratha, an A-category goon, accused the three youths of the attack. When relatives took him to the police station, the policemen beat him up. Late in the night, the DIG took Manish Kapuria’s bungalow in an injured condition. Seeing the agony, the officers sent the MY Hospital and registered a case against the accused.

The incident happened on Monday night at around 10 pm in Saidham Colony. The former councilor’s driver Raju alias Vijay Maratha was taken by his son Arjun and Karan to the bungalow of DIG Manish Kapuria. Raju’s clothes were stained with blood. Arjun’s hand was also bleeding because of the knife. Seeing the agony, the policemen were shocked and immediately sent Raju and Arjun to MY Hospital. Raju said in the statement that Sandeep Patil, Punit, Ghungroo and one other robbed one thousand rupees from son Arjun for drugs. When Raju went to the police station to complain with his son, he walked away saying to apply. While returning from the police station, the accused met and stabbed them. When he went to the police station again, the policemen beat him up along with him.

Accused – had reached the police station by stabbing himself

According to ASP (East-2) Rajesh Raghuvanshi, Raju is an A-category goon of the Maratha police station. He has nine cases registered against him including assault, possession of illegal weapons. Sandeep Patil has filed a case against Raju. Patil alleges that he assaulted and attacked himself with a knife and reached the police station. The officers registered a case against five including Raju late in the night.

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