Indore crime news The accused daughter in law of theft of one crore turned out to be in the house of a utensil trader

Indore, Naidunia Representative, Indore crime news. Chandan Nagar Police has busted a case of theft of one crore rupees from the house of a utensil trader in Gumashta Nagar. The daughter-in-law of the house, Madhuri, along with her brother Vaibhav’s father Shankarlal, resident of Venkatesh Nagar, carried out this incident. The daughter-in-law had systematically kept the door of the house open so that the goods could be easily entered and stolen. The police have also recovered jewelery worth Rs 85 lakh. Which the accused had hidden in a bundle. The police have also arrested Arbaaz’s father Yakub resident Mominpura for cooperating in the theft.

It is known that Rohit and Rahul’s father Kailash Aggarwal had filed a report that their house was robbed on Wednesday evening. Rohit told that as usual father, younger brother Rahul and I had gone to the shop. Mother Komal, wife, younger brother’s wife and daughter Krisha were at home at home. At around two o’clock in the afternoon, the wife had gone to the market for some work. At around six o’clock in the evening, when the mother’s health deteriorated, her sister-in-law Madhuri and her daughter Krisha took her to the hospital. After about two hours when the wife and daughter came back with the mother, they found that the main door lock was broken and the house had been stolen. Rohit told the police that the ornaments are old and ancestral. In such a situation, it is difficult to tell their exact price but their value is more than one crore rupees.

There was suspicion from the very beginning about this sensational incident. On Friday, he questioned the helpers working in the house for two and a half hours. Along with this, ask questions to all the members of the family. Later, when the police interrogated again, the role of the daughter-in-law came out and she spilled the truth. The daughter-in-law also told that the information about the theft of cash was given wrong, as the police always write less amount in the report.

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