Indore crime news The young man was beaten hostage for asking for a loan

Publish Date: | Thu, 14 Oct 2021 06:50 AM (IST)

Indore, Naidunia Representative, Indore crime news. Alapura resident Dheeraj Mukati was taken hostage by accused Ajay Tiwari alias Ajju Kala. Beaten all night and locked in the room. Seeing the opportunity in the morning, ran and told the incident to the relative. The police arrested the accused and sent him to jail.

According to TI Pritamsingh Thakur, Dheeraj Mukati had lent 20 thousand rupees to the accused Ajay three years ago. On demanding money from the accused, he used to defer. On Tuesday night, when he asked for money again, Kala along with fellow Kundu beat him up and took the room hostage. In the morning he got free and reached home. According to relatives, Dheeraj has suffered a head injury on his back. According to TI, a case of rudeness was registered against the accused and arrested.

Three smugglers who came to give ganja arrested

Tejaji Nagar police station arrested three miscreants who smuggled ganja. Three kg of ganja was also seized from them. According to TI RD Kanwa, it was reported on Tuesday that three persons are sitting on a bike in a sack of ganja in the grounds of Shiv Residency Colony on Khandwa Road. The team reached the spot and siege and caught the accused. The names of the accused are 38-year-old Sukhlal son Poonam Singh resident of Dharampuri district, 23-year-old Vasu son Rajendra Jagtap resident of Musakhedi and 27-year-old Sujeet son Sanjeev Kumar of village Asravad Khurd. During the search, three kilos of 100 grams of ganja were found in the sack. The police have also confiscated the bike. On the other hand, Crime Branch and Hatod police station caught 15 gamblers. Two lakh 50 thousand rupees have also been seized from them.

couple beat up

Rohitashv Kumar Gupta, 59, resident of Indus Satellite Greens, Kailodhala, has filed a case of assault against Vivek Srivastava and Ashok Singh Rajput. Rohitashv Kumar told that the accused belong to a party. On Tuesday evening around 7 pm, both of them entered the house of the complainant’s friend Satyaveer Singh Verma and said that why do not you vote in any election. Both started fighting over this matter. When Verma’s wife Gayatri Devi came to intervene, he also beat her up.

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