Indore Crime News Threatened school students and charged them for drugs

Publish Date: | Sat, 16 Oct 2021 07:50 AM (IST)

Indore, Naidunia Representative, Indore Crime News. The Vijay Nagar police station has registered a case of blackmailing against the goons Anshul, Harsh and the minor arrested for challenging them by making reels on Instagram. The accused used to extort money by threatening school students for arms and drugs.

On Thursday, Vijay Nagar police station arrested Anshul, Harsh along with Uday, Hrithik, Ketan alias Kaka. The accused are intoxicated by liquor, ganja, smack and brown sugar. On getting information about the arrest, a minor reached the police station on Friday and told that the accused used to make a fuss by threatening to implicate him in a false case. Rupees have also run out.

Seven accused of robbery and theft arrested

Tejaji Nagar police station on Thursday accused Mohammad Rizwan Pathan resident of Madina Nagar, Vishal Makwana resident of Bhil Colony, Devendra alias Deva Thakur resident of Chaudhary Park, Aditya alias Billu Bhuria resident of Bhil Colony, Akash alias Bhayyu son of Ashok Gamod resident of Sheetlanath temple, Gokul. Anuradha Nagar resident of Giri and Manoj Goswami resident Anuradha Nagar were arrested. According to TI RD Kanwa, the accused are involved in theft and robbery incidents. It was reported that they are conspiring to commit robbery at the petrol pump in Luckybagh. The team caught with a knife, knife.

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