Indore Crime News Watch the video goon used to smuggle drugs by becoming handicapped tore the strap and recovered brown sugar

Indore Crime News: Indore. New Zealand Representative. Lasudia police station arrested the goon Rahul alias Topi on Wednesday. The accused used to hide brown sugar in the leash on the pretext of a fracture in the foot. Police have recovered 13 grams of brown sugar and 54 thousand cash. Policemen used to return from home for three months thinking of a fracture. According to TI Indramani Patel, many cases are registered against Rahul alias Topi son Mohanlal Verma, resident of Niranjanpur Nai Basti.

Police was getting information that he supplies smack, brown sugar and nitravate tablets to Dewas Naka, Scheme-78, Scheme-54, Vijayanagar, Bapugandhinagar, Gulab Bagh Colony and Bapjinagar. When the policemen came to search, the accused showed the strap tied in the leg and said that there is a fracture in his leg. If he is not able to walk properly then how will he do smuggling.

When the soldiers looked carefully, the strap was sliding from the feet. This deepened the suspicion and when the search was done, the brown sugar pudding was found. 54 thousand in cash was also recovered from the accused. According to TI, even three months ago, he had sent the soldiers by showing them the strap.

The smuggler who supplied the drug to Zoya absconded

Azadnagar police station is looking for Rafiq Pagli and his son Jafar Lala, who supplied drugs to Zoya, accused of killing Devanshu Mishra, Senior Sales Director of Real Estate Company. Rafiq supplies drugs to many miscreants of Azadnagar, Musakhedi, Bhil Colony, Raoji Bazar, Kotwali area. Zoya also used to buy drugs from Rafiq. Jafar has made many girls addicted to drugs.

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