Inter-state smugglers were carrying 35 gold biscuits from Guwahati to Benares by hiding them in the engine of the car; DRI caught 3 | Smugglers were taking 35 biscuits from Assam to Uttar Pradesh by hiding them in the engine of the car; DRI caught 3 in Muzaffarpur

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  • Inter state Smugglers Were Carrying 35 Gold Biscuits From Guwahati To Benares By Hiding Them In The Engine Of The Car; DRI Caught 3

Muzaffarpur8 hours ago

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Gold biscuits recovered.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Gold biscuits recovered.

The team of DRI and Customs has recovered gold biscuits worth about Rs 3 crore from a car in Muzaffarpur. Three smugglers have been arrested. In this, two are residents of Uttar Pradesh and one from Delhi. The team has confiscated the luxury car. The car has a press sticker on it.

According to DRI, this gold was brought from Myanmar. Smugglers hid it in a box made in the engine of the car in Guwahati (Assam). He was going to Banaras (UP) with this. On receiving the information, the smugglers were caught near the Gaighat Maithi toll plaza. Some biscuits have foreign mark on them. All biscuits are also numbered, starting from A-1 and going up to C-3. DRI officials say that this is a special type of number used by smugglers.

Gold biscuits found from this car.

Gold biscuits found from this car.

drive from guwahati

During interrogation, the smugglers have told that they had taken the gold biscuits from Guwahati. The box was made with special technology in the engine of the car. They have been smuggled like this before.

Names and whereabouts of other smugglers

The DRI officer said that the arrested smugglers have also given information about the names and whereabouts of other smugglers. Further action is being taken on this basis. Secret information was received that smugglers of gold biscuits were reaching the district from a car of another state number. On this basis, DRI and Custom Department officials jointly formed a team and laid siege near Maithi toll plaza. Like a common man started doing raki there. In the meantime, the press written car reached there. Officers stormed and stopped the car. The smugglers were interrogated, but no one accepted. On closer examination, gold biscuits were found.

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