Jabalpur SP suspended 6 personnel of Crime Branch, audio of conversation was found | Jabalpur SP suspended 6 personnel of crime branch, audio of conversation was found

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Jabalpur Crime Branch police station is operated in the building of Traffic Management Data Center.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Jabalpur Crime Branch police station is operated in the building of Traffic Management Data Center.

Jabalpur SP suspended six police personnel, including three ASIs posted in the crime branch, on Monday, October 11. The involvement of these police personnel with the vicious bookie Suraj Patel, who was caught in the Madanmahal area, has come to the fore. In fact, a complete recording of the conversation of these police personnel was found in the seized mobile of accused Suraj Patel. SP Siddharth Bahuguna has handed over the investigation of the case to SP City North Sanjay Agarwal.

According to sources associated with the SP office, ASI Rajesh Shukla, Ramakant Mishra, Vijay Shukla and principal constables Gyanendra Pathak, Anand Tiwari and Ajay Yadav were suspended with immediate effect after they were found to be involved with the vicious criminal Suraj Patel. All lines are attached. According to SP Siddhartha Bahuguna, a raid was conducted in the Madanmahal area in the past by sending force from the line to the vicious crook Suraj Patel.

ASP City North will investigate the matter

According to the SP, accused Suraj has 78 crimes. Here people were writing bets by placing a line. The accused along with his wife Fatima and 6 other speculators were caught. This action has been taken after getting the conversation record of these 6 police personnel in the recording of the seized mobile of accused Suraj. The investigation of serious allegations against the police personnel has been entrusted to ASP City North Sanjay Agarwal. Further action will be taken based on the inquiry report.

Traffic sent to 20 other personnel on administrative grounds

With this, 20 personnel posted in Crime Branch for a long time and exceeding the number have been transferred to Traffic Police Station Malviya Chowk. According to SP Bahuguna, this is a purely administrative order. In view of the festivals, there was a need for force in the traffic. The crime branch had an excessive number of people.

They were sent to the traffic police station

ASI Rajendra Biloha, Principal constable Matukesh Patkar, Deepak Tiwari, Sugriv Tiwari, Satyasen Yadav, Amirchand, Ajay Jain, Rustom Ali, Amit Dubey, Ajay Sonkar, Santosh Singh, constable Rohit Dwivedi, Riv Sagar, Anil Sharma, Baljeet, Jitendra Dubey, Mahesh Kahar, Birbal, Shailendra Kaurav and Khuman Singh are included.

On October 08, there was a raid at Suraj Patel’s place.

Suraj Patel, a resident of Ekta Chowk, Gangasagar Road, Akbar’s Bada, is a vicious bookie. People used to line up at his house as soon as evening. On the instructions of the SP, on the night of October 8, when the special team of the line raided here, people were found lining up. Seeing the police, there was a stampede. Police had arrested Suraj and his wife Fatima-B and 6 other bookies Neeraj Sahu, Vinay Burman, Hussain Khan, Rajesh Kesharwani, Rakesh Srivastava, Rahul Patel.

Surveillance crook was writing betting with wife: Line and Madanmahal police raided on the instructions of Jabalpur SP, 78 crimes are registered against the accused

8400 rupees and betting belts worth lakhs of rupees were seized from them from the spot. Suraj Patel is a surveillance crook of Madanmahal police station. He has 78 offenses registered against him for attempt to murder, robbery, bombing, Arms Act, assault, gambling, betting etc. Of this, 58 are recorded in Madan Mahal. At the same time 20 cases are registered in Gadha police station.

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