Jaipur News ramkesh meena major statement on Tribal Religion Code | Jaipur: This independent MLA of Rajasthan does not consider tribals to be Hindus, gave a big statement

Jaipur: A new debate has erupted for the last few days regarding the religion of the tribals. There is also a stir in the tribal society after the statement of Youth Congress state president and Dungarpur MLA Ganesh Ghoghra.

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Now a section of the society is calling itself Hindu while the other section still maintains that tribals are only tribals and they have nothing to do with Hinduism. Meanwhile, the challenge for the tribals is to what extent the society will be able to stop the alleged conversion activities going on in the Vagad region?

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Tribals have been living in forests since ancient times. They say that the tribals are the ones who have been living on this earth since time immemorial. Meanwhile, Sanatani Adivasi Sanstha is maintaining its activism to keep the tribals connected with Sanatan Dharma. The Union Steel Minister and National President of BJP Scheduled Tribes Morcha, who came to Jaipur on the call of Adivasi Sanatani Sanstha, and Faggan Singh Kulaste are also talking about the solidarity of the tribals. Kulaste says that the people whose land is slipping, they want to separate the tribals by dividing them. Kulaste said that the tribals never remained separate from Hinduism.

Independent MLA Ramkesh Meena again raised the issue
Here, independent MLA Ramkesh Meena, who supported the government, once again raised the issue of tribal religion in another program. He said that in the upcoming census, a campaign is being run to get the tribals to write their religion as tribal. Through this, his effort will be that the number of tribals can be shown to the force. Ramkesh Meena targeted the RSS for calling the tribals as Hindus and said that misleading propaganda is being done by portraying the tribals as Hindus.

Recently, Congress MLA Ganesh Ghoghra had said such a thing in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly also. On the question related to Ghoghra’s statement, Faggan Singh Kulaste challenges the Rajasthan government and says that if the Congress government does not consider the tribals as Hindus, then pass a resolution in this regard in the assembly and send it to the central government.

What does the president of Sanatani Adivasi Sanstha have to say?
Before the government passes any resolution regarding tribals in the assembly, the concern of Sanatani Adivasi Sanstha is regarding the conversion of tribals. The president of the organization, Pankaj Meena, says that many missionaries in the southern part of the state are active in the work of conversion. Meena said that his demand will be from the Rajasthan government that strict laws should be made in the state to stop the conversion and there should be provisions for strict punishment for the person who converts.

Ramesh Meena raised his voice in favor of stopping the conversion
Here, former MLA and TRICEF President Ramesh Meena was also seen raising his voice in favor of stopping the conversion. Ramesh Meena says that money is coming from Christian missionaries to bring tribals to other religions. He said that huge amount of money is being spent on this from Gulf countries also. He said that his constant effort would be that the tribals should maintain their Sanatani tradition. Ramesh Meena said that there are many people in Mizoram who are following the tradition of worshiping their deities even after conversion.

In the ongoing campaign in different parts of the country regarding the religion of the tribals, the intention to prove the numbers is also important. In fact, in some places tribals are being groomed with the thought that they are only and only tribals. But people like Ramkesh Meena who work on this thinking do not have the answer to the question that if they are tribal then why bother about the difference between Meena and Meena?