Jamgate Road Accident As soon as the car collided there was a sound of explosion and suddenly there was silence

Publish Date: | Sun, 10 Oct 2021 06:41 AM (IST)

Jamgate Road Accident: Indore. New Zealand Representative. Abhinav, who was injured in the Jamgate road accident, is still scared. He was sitting in the seat next to the driver. His life was saved by the opening of the air balloon. As soon as the scene of the accident unfolds, he starts crying. Another injured Prateek is yet to be informed about the death of friends Akshit, Suraj and Vipin. Prateek Ahirwar, a resident of AB Road (Shivsagar), is admitted in a private hospital. He has a fracture in his hand.

Bank employee Abhinav was also in the same car which had an accident near Jamgate on Friday night. He told in the statements that at around 11.30, the five friends had left for Indore from Mandleshwar. Akshit, who was driving the car, got dazzled when the car came from the front. The car was traveling at a speed of around 80 kmph. The car entered the culvert due to a sudden turn. There was a loud bang and then suddenly there was silence.

Many vehicles passed by and some stopped. According to Abhinav, the mobile broke down, so could not even call anyone. Called ambulance (108) with the help of villagers and passersby but it took one and a half hour to arrive. The sun was blowing at that time. There was a delay in being taken to the hospital and he too died.

Abhinav did not get hurt much but another friend Prateek is still admitted in ICU. He has not even been told about the death of the three friends yet. His father Vijay Ahirwar works in the Railways. He was just coming to meet her.

Posted By: Hemant Kumar Upadhyay

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