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Why JRD Tata Established Airlines In 1930s: A Day About 100 Years Ago. The 15-year-old son of one of India’s biggest industrialists spends his summer holidays by the sea in northern France. Only then a plane lands on the seashore under the water. The teenager is surprised to see that plane. At the same time, he decides to do something similar in his city of Bombay. But due to his age, he could not complete that work. After about 9 years, when he reaches the age of 24, there is a whole sky in front of him to achieve his ‘love’ and then he…

Yes… this is the story of the country’s eminent industrialist late JRD Tata setting up Air India Airlines. For JRD, Air India was not a company but his first love and he spent his whole life trying to save this love.

This is how the idea of ​​establishing airlines came
This story of the establishment of Tata Airlines by JRD has been shared by the Tata group itself on its website. You will be surprised to know that JRD Tata was so fond of measuring distances like birds in the sky that he got the license to be the first commercial pilot of the country.

According to the website, once in the first decade of the 20th century, teenager JRD Tata went to Boulogne in northern France to spend a summer vacation. There he had a friend with him. That friend was none other than the son of the great Louis Bleriot, who flew the English Channel in 1909.

These two boys were playing on the beach when the chief pilot of Bleriot landed on a plane on the sandy ground of the beach. JRD Tata was surprised to see this feat. This adventure had a very deep impact on his life and he decided to do something similar at the same time. He decided to become a pilot at the same time. However, JRD had to wait for nine years for this. When he turned 24, a flying club was established in Bombay, which is today’s Mumbai, and he became the first Indian to become a pilot from there.

became the first commercial pilot
After this, this pilot crossed the challenge of flying a single plane from India to England and then founded the country’s first Tata Airlines. He took the first flight of Tata Airlines in 1932. That first flight was from Karachi to Mumbai. Tata Airlines was renamed as Air India in 1946, a year before the country’s independence.

Earned a profit of 10 thousand in the second year of becoming a company
Tata Airlines was like a piece of JRD’s heart. For him it was not just a show off, but he wanted to see Tata Airlines rule the skies of the world. Within just two years of starting this airline, he made it profitable. This success of his is very important even in today’s date. In an article written in the Times of India, Vikram Doctor explains that the then Director General of Civil Aviation in India Frederick Tymms had said that this was the first incident in the whole world to be in the benefit of any airlines operating without any government support. Was.

Today Air India suffers a loss of 20 crores everyday
Today Air India of the Government of India has become a white elephant. The government incurs a loss of Rs 20 crore every day in running this airline. At present, this airline has a debt of more than 60 thousand crores.

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