Kanpur News: IAS Iftikharuddin admits Viral videos government residence denies religion conversion upas – IAS Iftikharuddin admits

Kanpur. The SIT is investigating after the video related to illegal religious conversion went viral in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, former Divisional Commissioner of Kanpur, presently Chairman of State Transport Corporation, Mohammad Iftikharuddin has admitted that the viral videos are from his official residence. In the interrogation of the SIT, the IAS has accepted the fact that the video was of his official residence during his Kanpur posting. He has also said that these videos are from Ramzan.

Sources say that during interrogation, he was not giving any answer on anything related to conversion and was repeatedly denying. The SIT has also examined the religious things being said in the viral video. Soon the SIT is preparing to submit its report to the government. The 2-member SIT, constituted under the chairmanship of Director General, CBCID GL Meena, conducted a lengthy interrogation of the IAS on Wednesday. After this, the process of questioning him started at around 4:00 pm on Thursday. Iftikharuddin’s wife and two other family members were also with him. He recorded his statement at the CBCID headquarters.

ADG Kanpur Zone Bhanu Bhaskar, who is involved in the SIT, has interrogated the IAS for a series of viral videos and their books. Especially an attempt was made to know who are the other people seen in the video? And since when does he have an association with Iftikharuddin? What kind of things were talked about in the religious event held at the official residence of Kanpur Divisional Commissioner? Many such questions were asked.

put forward 80 videos

During the interrogation of the SIT, 80 videos were shown and questions were asked. The SIT stayed in Kanpur for 4 days and collected the controversial videos. About 30 people were questioned, including employees of the divisional office and residence.

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