Kashmir will remain part of India even if I am killed: Farooq Abdullah

Kashmir will remain part of India even if I am killed: Farooq Abdullah- India TV
Image Source : PTI
Farooq Abdullah said that Kashmir will never become a part of Pakistan because we are and will be a part of India.

Srinagar: National Conference president Farooq Abdullah said here on Wednesday that Kashmir will never become a part of Pakistan as we are and will remain a part of India, “even if I am shot”. Addressing a condolence meeting organized at a gurdwara here to pay tribute to the government school principal Supinder Kaur, Abdullah said the people of Kashmir have to be courageous and fight the killers together. Kaur was shot dead by terrorists on October 7.

Farooq Abdullah, Lok Sabha member from Srinagar, said, “We have to fight these animals. It (Kashmir) will never become Pakistan, remember. We are part of India and we will be part of India no matter what happens. They can’t change it even if they shoot me.” Expressing grief over Kaur’s killing, Abdullah said in the 1990s when many people had left the Valley out of fear, the Sikh community did not leave Kashmir. .

He said that we have to keep our morale high and be courageous. “We have to fight together with courage,” he said. There is only your (Sikh) community which remained here even after everyone’s departure. Islam is not served by killing a teacher who teaches small children.” Talking to reporters outside the gurdwara, Abdullah said, “They (terrorists) will never succeed and their conspiracy will fail. But all of us – Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and Christians will have to fight together against them.

He said that a storm of hatred is going on in India and Muslim, Hindu and Sikh communities are being divided. The National Conference president said, “This politics of division has to stop, otherwise India will not survive. If we have to save India, then we all have to live together and then only we will be able to move forward.” Asked about Devendra Rana leaving the National Conference and joining the BJP, Abdullah said, “People keep coming and going. it’s not a big deal.”