Keep Furniture And Accessories In The South-west Direction Of The House For Honor And Career Growth : Keep Furniture And Accessories In The South-west Direction Of The House For Honor And Career Growth | Question Answer: Keep such things in this direction of the house for honor and career growth – Others


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According to the rules of Vastu, the use of heavy objects and furniture in the South West increases confidence. Keeps it safe. Creates a sense of security. This situation increases social and family status. This position in career becomes a source of profit. If it is not possible to make a cupboard or keep heavy furniture, then pictures or paintings of heavy Vastu, building or mountain should be kept here.

To remove the discord in the house, do this remedy with wheat on Saturday

The mirror of your future is the first letter of your name (M)
People with name Ma are determined, ambitious and full of inner energy. Their thinking is realistic. They are experimental about life and try many new ways, methods and ideas in life. They are considered to be extremely helpful people to others, full of human qualities. Their intellectual abilities are amazing. They are great advocates of honesty, labor and discipline along with traditional and ethical values. They are never confused about their goals. They are considered to be extremely loyal people. It takes some time for them to open up to someone else. Their confidence is amazing. They are emotional and sensitive, so many things inadvertently lose their temper and become victims of anger. They keep on changing themselves and their thoughts and habits over time. They believe in keeping anything clear and straight, so they create many opponents in life.

Question: If Jupiter is in Cancer, what kind of results do it give? -Sandesh Gupta
answer: Sadgurushree says that if Jupiter is situated in Cancer, then the person gets attracted towards auspicious deeds and takes birth in the next birth in the best family. If there is an exalted Moon in the Ascendant and it is not aspected by any malefic planet, then the person lives life very well and ends the life with great peace and joy, as described in the sacred texts.

In this way the soul can be changed into a great soul, just do this work

Question: Should the medicine be kept in the south or not? -Mona Jain
answer: No, not at all. The principles of Vastu consider it inappropriate to store medicine in the south direction. By keeping medicine here, both drug consumption and disorder flourish. Sadhgurushree says that if medicines are kept in the north direction, then life gradually starts getting disconnected from medicines and diseases. Although there is no scientific basis for this so far.

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