Khargone Crime News Police seized illegal weapons arrested one accused

Publish Date: | Wed, 13 Oct 2021 05:38 PM (IST)

Khargone Crime News: Khargone New Zealand Representative. In view of the upcoming Khandwa Lok Sabha by-election, the police is keeping a constant watch on the manufacture, sale and purchase of illegal weapons and is taking action against the miscreants. A special campaign is being run for this. In the Signur area of ​​the district, a major action was taken by the police station Gogawan police team on the issue of delivery of illegal arms.

Gogawan police station in-charge Mahesh Sunaiah got information from the informer on Tuesday that two persons are going to go through the raw road of Signur-Retwan with illegal weapons from village Signur on bike. Taking quick action on the information, the police team under the leadership of the station in-charge Sunaiya made a blockade near the nursery between village Retwa and Signur.

The miscreants coming by bike started trying to escape after seeing the blockade of the police team. The person sitting behind on the bike got off the moving bike and managed to escape through the bushes. The bike driver was immediately surrounded by the police team and caught. On getting caught, he told his name to be Lathi alias Satwant Singh father Supadu alias Mahendra Singh Siklikar (20), resident of Undi Khodari Palsud Khalsha Nagar, District Barwani Hall, Signur.

On checking the bags hanging on the handle of the bike, 10 indigenous hand made pistols wrapped in cloth and 2 country made pistols were found. On interrogation of the accused, instead of making weapons by him, two incomplete country made pistols and materials for making pistols were found.

Along with the resources used in making weapons, the police duly confiscated the bike. On asking the name of the person who ran away from the accused, he told the name of the person who ran away to be Signur, resident of Vijay’s father Tufansinh Siklikar.

confiscated this material

Police seized 10 country made hand made pistols, 2 country made pistols, 2 half made country pistols, weapon making material, one glober head machine, three hammers, two ears, one saw, three sunsee, one electric glider, 5 from the accused. Of plate, three chisels, three pieces of iron pipe, one iron bar, one plier, pieces of iron of different sizes etc. and a bike were seized. The value of the confiscated material is said to be around Rs 1 lakh 86 thousand.

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